11 Chapter 11

Yami sighed in relief as he panted for air after running at full speed for a long time. He was anxious so even forgot that he could use body Flicker jutsu now.

After all Yami felt that he should not get involved in such matters like politics. Hokage may be or not be a dumbass as he still had not met him yet but it would be a problem if Yami's talent was revealed to Danzo. He had no problem joining root because he was confident that he could manipulate the black seal with which Danzo controlled his puppet ninja. The problem was that Danzo had a insane personality so he may decide to eliminate Yami for some bulkshit reason. He even caused the uchiha massacre in the story for his gains so Yami did not want to bet on such a person like this .

Now that he was far enough , Yami cleaned down and after resting for a few minutes , he decided to roam inside the village for a bit more and then go back to his small house which he inherited after his parents death. Yami again got emotional because the previous self was actually himself and just had not awakened the past life memories yet.

Yami did not realise that while lost in thoughts, he had arrived near the outskirts of the village where old wooden houses continued to form a small district. Yami decided to roam this little district before going back to his home where like his past life nobody was waiting for him.

Soon Yami paused his footsteps because he could hear loud dull impact sounds and shouts full of enthusiasm. He guessed that it may be Gai or his father and soon confirmed his guess as he heard Youth ! loud shout. There were only two people now in the village who shouted like that.

Yami felt excited so he soon arrived towards the location of the sound after dashing at full speed. There he saw a green jump suit guy who had weird thick eyebrows and moustache striking the wooden log before him with fast and refined low kicks one by one. Yami's vision had improved so he could follow the fast movements barely and got amazed by the precision and guessed that these simple kicks must have lot of penetration power when landed on a human as they were sharp as a knife.

Yami immediately decided to see Dai's status and run away after looting no copying his skills because he was not in the mood to listen to enthusiastic shouts of this guy today. He had a long day today and wanted to rest.


STR - low jonin

DEX - low jonin

CHAKRA - low chunin

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Optimistic Approach SS rank - level max

Strong fist taijutsu style A rank - level 8 of 10

Eight Inner gates technique SS rank - 9 of 10

Yami was amazed because the optimistic personality could actually become a skill and this guy had SS rank such skill . No wonder he could work so hard despite his weak talent for chakra manipulation . Yami did not want to ponder anymore as it would be an insult to Dai if he started pitying him. It did not sit right with Yami's morals. So he immediately copied the three skills and left the small district.

He did not want to become like Dai so he only took the Optimistic Approach skill to see if he can find someone to bestow the skill in future. He can do that with his paste skill.

After finding a secluded area Yami immediately pasted the Strong Fist style and Eight Inner gates skills in his skilll tree. He felt a rush of cool sensation inside his body which attacked his inner gates but could not force open them.

Eight Inner Gates Ss rank ( locked ) - lv 9/10

Studying the enormous knowledge and experience of taijutsu which he got from Dai's strong fist style, Yami soon realised the reason why this skill was locked. God damn.. his body was not strong enough to open even the first gate yet much less more.

Yami immediately inhibited his innate stubborn personality and vowed to train his body furiously from tomorrow. He had gotten knowledge and experience inside his head about using weights to fasten the process of breaking his body limits. So Yami decided to use this method without hesitation...

( to be continued )

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