1 A daily life of Lonely witch

"Pangea" is the largest continent in the world where various races live. Some races decide to live side by side and the brushes decide to remain isolated from the outside world.

"Hmm .... Groceries for this month are running out. I have to go to town to buy supplies"She muttered

Far north of the continent "Pangea" there is a forest where high ranking monsters live, this forest is called the foggy forest "Otztarera" once you enter, it is difficult to survive because of the thick fog and the monsters that live in the forest are hard to beat and the thick fog also makes it difficult conquest. For this reason the "Otztarera" forest is also known as the "Death" land.

Regardless of the danger, a woman lives in the middle of the forest as if she lived in a village.

"Hmm ??"

When the woman leaves a magical barrier that protects her house from mustard in the forest. She met a wolf that was more than 2.5 meters high. This wolf is different from wolves in general who live in groups, this type of wolf prefers to live individually. It is said that if this wolf, his tribe once destroyed a country so that it was labeled as conquest level S +.

"Still there are stupid monsters who still want to fight me"

The woman put down the shopping basket and walked in front of the wolf. This wolf usually requires a minimum of five rank S people to defeat it. From this wolf's point of view this woman confronted him as nothing more than a snack to fill his stomach.

"Judging from its appearance this must be Bros Wolf ... I thought this was a clever monster who usually didn't challenge me."

After glaring at each other Bros Wolf is ready to attack the woman in front of him. Bros Wolf jumped but stopped because he saw something unusual, the woman in front of him didn't show the slightest bit of fear.

Bros Wolf saw once again the woman in front of him and his body suddenly didn't move because of the intimidating aura that the woman produced, all the hairs on her body immediately stood upright.

"Goodbye loser. Anchient magic <umlilo omhlophe>

At the same time as the woman's words, the white flames burned all over Bros Wolf's body so that it did not leave a trace of remnants and only heat was emitted and the scent of burnt remains.

"Hmm, is that an S + rank, its just a little puppy ... What a very boring world"

the woman muttered looking at the burnt remains of the wolf.

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