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Loneliness System


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Hey guys, Author here. I hope my review doesn’t seem biased. I honestly don’t think this book was a 5 star...yet. I feel like I’m improving while I progress, and I hope that you guys will agree. I started this book kind of on a whim, but seeing the reception has inspired me to try pretty hard on it. I’ll try and put more and more effort as the chapters progress. If you guys like my book or have any suggestions, please leave a comment or make a review. Thank you for paying attention to my book.


I love you author. Your novel is EXTREMELY underrated. I hope you get the acknowledgment you deserve. Thank you for creating this masterpiece. Please continue to write it, thanks!


The writing keeps me paying attention Grammer has nearly no mistakes Characters have good developement World background is built fairly well Updating is currently not consistent


This book is very good, some reasons why below; 1. The writing quality is very high, and there are little to no grammatical errors in this book 2. The characters are realistic and act in plausible ways 3. The story is good and not forced in any way 4. The MC slowly losing his humanity is done very well 5. Fight scenes are good


this is actually a really good novel is thought I would be another edgy mc who "loses his humanity" but its not. he truly slowly loses his humanity and turns more monsterlike as he goes on and although its called the lonliness system is dosent force him to be alone all the time its more of a way too make him mlre undependant so he dosent need civilization or anything he can only rely on himself which I think is a cool concept so overall its a great novel and i recomend this



Really excited about this one. It has potential for me since I like the action scenes and premise. Hope that it’ll continue to keep my interest for as long as it runs.



needs updated a lot more often but this is a good read ive not been so entertained in ages so give this a shot i promise it is worth while to read


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the book is absolutely great the way the characters were done is amazing and the story incorporates fight loving mc with evolution and monsters it is very well done. the grammar is amazing only found one mistake story is beautiful and takes interesting turns constantly characters are fabulous beyond belief updates are a bit unstable but the quality of the book more than makes up for it it is a solid 5 star love it author keep it coming my buddy


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