1 The Bigining

Long ago there was an angel, he was born with 4 wings which are not commonly seen by other angels his eyes are precious as diamond his hair is white as his skin.

The angel's mother new the boy is very strong but unfortunately his mother died after giving birth to him

so his father cried and cried and blame him for his mother's death but his father doesn't want to hurt him so he blame himself instead.

(time skip your 5 year old)


5 years later after your birth

The angel always going out of his  house to see his friends, every time he go outside other angels started  looking at him and they whisper "he has 4 wings because of his mother" but he didn't know  about it that her mother was a seraphim but she had lost all of her wings and she gave the others to you the higher Angels oftentimes visited the lower angels. They came here only because of their task.

There was this garden called "Eden" were he and his friends always play.

There were creatures around like a serpent. There was this portal too, where angels can go to other realms but he and his friends weren't able to enter it.

But his friends accidentally push him into one of the portals where humans have superpowers

Will he servive in a another world?



Sorry for not updating the story I'm just full of home works and monae_ was having a low Internet conection   and again I'm very very sorry

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