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t may seem to start off slowly to some, but please at least give it a chance. Hopefully you'll like it. ***mature themes ***strong language ***adult situations ***graphic themes ***violence ***mention of drug use ***possibly trigger issues ************************************************************************************************************************************************** "Good?! Try amazing!" I heard her give a little bit of a happy squeal as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. Laughing I hugged her back tightly. As we separated and I looked into her shining eyes. "Marry me." "What?" She gasped, standing frozen in place. "Marry me." I repeated looking at her. "Today, right now, marry me Mia." "Are you serious?" She questioned now shaking. "Completely." I laughed. Mia stood stunned still staring at me like I was crazy. Her hand cupped over her mouth as she stood silently. "Are you going to answer me?" "You're really serious?" "Yes." I assured her again. "Completely." I could see her eyes welling with tears as she still stood still. "Okay." She finally whispered. "Yes?" I questioned happily. "Yes." She repeated. "You'll marry me right now?" Nodding excitedly, she smiled the brightest smile I'd ever seen. "But how, where?" ****************************************************************What will happen when their past come back to haunt the? Will they be strong enough to lean on each other or will one end up making the ultimate sacrifice?


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