1 Author's Introduction

Heartbroken girl and 3rd generation successor of the Most famous worldwide company of the country.

"Mayuri lost not only her love ... her family, everything she built all this time, lost at one moment, because no one else's but him. It's a mistake to try to kill someone, but she does not want to kill his lover. Who thought this would be like this? "

Every love story has three main characters.

The girl is always an innocent, beautiful man.

The beloved ... the other person is just and honest with his girlfriend.

The wicked one ... the one who revenge this love. Anyone who's been unwilling every day.

in love story What happens to the wicked after lost to main lead? Is the Evil Worse and others pure? Traditional love stories always has pure lover. Is it really true love? When she loses everything, she does not think about it. She only wants to see the separation of main characters.


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