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Locked With The Monster Forever


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Mu Yuhaan is Asia's richest businessman and king of the underworld. Earth shakes under his feet, air becomes tense around him, and going against him is a straight suicidal attempt. All of this is applicable to all but one, his girlfriend, his soon to be wife, the love of his life, his Mian. Their love story was sailing smoothly garnering everyone's envy, until one day Mian wanted to break all the ties with Mu Yuhaan. Excerpt.. "Agreeing to be your girlfriend was the biggest mistake I made in my entire life!" Mian yelled at Mu Yuhaan's face with agitated eyes. This one sentence drained the glow from Mu Yuhaan's face, for the next few seconds, all he could do was just stare vacantly at Mian. After the buzzing in his head subsided a little, he gently held both of her arms, then asked, “Mian, what are you talking about? What made you utter such words? Babe, what happened?" "Exactly what you just heard and stop touching me! It's over!" Mian jerked at Mu Yuhaan's hands immediately, as if it disgusted her. That disgusted expression on her face was for him?! Anger accumulating inside, Mu Yuhaan's eyes glossed over coldly. "Since you know that, why are you running away? Mistakes shouldn't go unpunished, Mian; and in order to pay for it, you will be locked with me forever." Next moment, Mian felt Mu Yuhaan's strength for the first time, as she was thrown onto the bed, pinned by him. Since she wanted to do this the hard way, there was no reason for him to hold back anymore. While Mu Yuhaan was busy avenging his bleeding heart, tears of heartache were flowing out of Mian's eyes. She wanted to be with Mu Yuhaan as well, but she couldn't! Why can't he just let her go, and let everyone be at peace? They are not meant to be... Will Mu Yuhaan be able to find out the reasons behind Mian's sudden change of heart? Or will he be too late to lose the love of his life forever? = Nina was a supermodel, who had it all—looks, wealth, and a long line of suitors. She always had a big smile while facing her family, but, late at night it was only her tears that accompanied her to sleep. The tragic death of her beloved, took her smile away, clouding her bright life. However, as they say, God can never see his children in pain for a long time, an eventful night pushed Nina into a marriage with Lu Yifeng, the CEO of the Biggest Entertainment Company in the country. From apathy to pure hatred, it didn't stop there, evolving into friendship, then taking turns towards the deepest path of love. Just then, like the naughty bully in school, fate played another cruel game shattering Nina's heart once again. Excerpt.. Nina's teary eyes sought out Lu Yifeng, plucking up her all courage, she pushed the heavy question out of her quivering lips, "Did you kill Mubai?" The deem light of hope couldn't but stare anxiously at him, to hear a negative answer. Okay, he didn't have to say anything, just single shake of head would suffice. Lu Yifeng's face fell instantly. Nina's anxiousness mounted, she cupped his face with both hands to station his gaze on hers. "Why are you not saying anything? Feng, just tell me once, you aren't the reason why Mubai is no more?" Lu Yifeng's eyes drooped, as he stood there hanging his head low. Hreatbreak, betrayal, anger and pain almost blasted Nina's heart out. Staggering a few steps back, she stared at Lu Yifeng through a blurred vision. Just like her vision, she felt her heart never saw the clear version of him. "I really wish, you lose the person you love, perhaps then you will understand my pain!" Like a statue who got his voice back, Lu Yifeng pleaded desperately with urgency, "Don't! Curse me, hit me all you want, drag me to the court, but don't curse yourself, Nin! I love you!" His expression remorseful, the one beyond redemption. Will Nina be able to come out of her past and find love in her husband? Or her hatred for Lu Yifeng will take him to his grave?


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