Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love
novel - Contemporary Romance

Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

Ye Fei Ye

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What is Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love is a popular web novel written by the author Ye Fei Ye, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 14M readers with an average rating of 4.44/5 and 975 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 1084 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Official Synopsis: When he stayed at her home for one night, he took her body in a drunken stupor. From then on, he had been a constant fixture in her life. How adamant he was in forcing a marriage was how adamant she demanded for a divorce. “I’m not staying married to you! I’m not staying married to you! I’m not staying married to you!” After she repeated such an important proclamation three times, he finally tossed her the divorce paper. She thought she had finally escaped him alas… After the divorce, he still snuck into her room every night... Finally losing her patience, she yelled, “We are already divorced!” He glanced at her and set down the divorce paper before her. On it, it was written clearly: After the divorce, the car is hers, the house is hers, the company is hers, their child is hers, he… is also hers? Translator's Synopsis: Imagine the superpowers wielding male lead from the Korean drama, "My Love from the Star" in the misunderstanding-processing plant that is "Bringing the Nation's Husband Home" and you will have "99 Proclamations of Love". Tsundere CEO, Su Zhinian is deeply in love with ditzy entertainment beat reporter, Song qingchun but he could not act on it due to a deep dark secret. Read to find out whether love can really overcome anything and everything...


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You have no idea how long I've begged and annoyed the staff at Qidian to release this. As you may or may not know, I started working on this several months before 100ceo officially ended, so you can imagine the size of my stockpile. Anyway, now that I got that out of the way. Time to persuade you to vote for this/ to read this. 1. Stability of Updates: I've not missed a day of update when I was working on 100ceo, ask any reader of mine. 2. Story Development: Typical romance with a twist. Plenty of angst if that's what you're addicted to. Plenty of tears too. Remember to bring tissues [perhaps not for the reasons you imagine though - All i can say is I have translated certain *ahem let's just say less presentable* chapters CN Qidian has removed by /referencing/ pirate sites. 3. Release Rate: We plan to release at least 3 chapters each day. If you have any questions, spoiler demands or just want to talk to us, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/s4qraBx We also have activities on discord quite often, most of them related to helping increase the release rate. Plus, it's just fun.


Editor review. As with most Ye Fei Ye, it's a very well written story that's worth a read if you enjoy romance novels. Lonely and I have worked on another novel before (100CEO), so readers of that will know our translation standard and our tendency to post plenty of bonus chapters! We hope you enjoy it :D


I don’t really read story’s with a female lead but I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ this story have me laughing reading the synopsis so I might actually read this one ☝️


THIS IS MALE PROTAGONIST Qidian stats Chinese Name: 傲娇男神住我家:99次说爱你 Genre: romance fiction Author: 叶非夜 Author rank: platinum Status: completed Word count: 1119400 Number of chapters: 1091 chapters Fancount: 29,11 million I was really hype thinking it will be a FP novel so I checked the novel on qidian China and got disappointed 😭 but considering the one who picked this up is the CEO translator I guess it's pretty predictable 😢


The premise: MC tries to blackmail ML into taking over (read: working for) her family’s dying company for free. She stalks him and shamelessly tries to cash in on his raping her, something that she had told him he wouldn’t have to take responsibility for. Now that she’s in the position of weakness, she ignores everything she did in that situation - cutting ties, for one - to pursue her family’s agenda. Oh, and by the way... the ML has superpowers. (This feels like a random add-on that just appears in chapter 16 without any foreshadowing.) This woman is shameless, manipulative, and idiotic, and yet comes off as a shy, helpless girl. Even worse, the ML still loves her. He’s also an idiot. What kind of relationship should he have with a girl he raped? What kind of feelings should he have for a girl who is blackmailing him? He probably only pays attention to her because one of his superpowers only applies to her. (Also known as the plot forcing them together. See: Twilight.) If you like this type of idiotic pairing, please keep reading. Otherwise, kick this trash out of your library.


Please translator-sama!!! Please translate more work of Ye Fei Ye!!!🙇🙇 I like his novel 'The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love' can I please request you to translate this too?🙏🙏.. Please please please!!!! I'm begging you!!!! 😭😭😭 I really fell in love in this novel!. 😳😩


Reveal spoiler


The sypnosis caught my attention LOL. I hope this story is good like BTNHH. Looking forward to this story!! I hope my stone will not be wasted 😊


Typical story plot by the author... When i read BNNH i was so frustrated reading it that it was practically torture but i had to finish since i was alredy half way done... Wen i read the sypnosis for this story i was like this seems light hearted not like what the author usually writes so went ahead and read it and was totally disappointed cuz it was pretty much cut from the same cloth as BNNH. A stupid weak heroine and a cruel ML. LIES!!!!


Till where I have read the story, I'll say I hate it. Everything was fine in the beginning but as soon as I knew that the female lead was raped by the male lead, I dropped the story. Coming from a country where r*pists are hated to the level that the country agrees that they deserve to be hanged.. I say this is totally revolting and disgusting. I hope the male and female lead never get together.


Damn it. The plot summary is a hoax. I thought it would be a good novel like Hidden Marriage or Perfect Secret Love. But damn it! The story is full of despair. I somehow managed to complete Bringing the Nation's Husband Home novel but I can't read too much despair novel. I really dunno upto which chapter deep in the novel is related to the plot summary except for the took one night part which is already explained in the novel. Despair. Despair. Despair. Important things should be said three times. Despair beyond hope.


Looking forward to this story. The way the translator mentioned one of my favorite dramas , my love from another star, I think the story will be good, I haven't read this translator's other translation works though, but he promising three chapters per day plus the story having male lead makes it totally worth reading!


Reveal spoiler


To think I was so excited for this. This reminds me of a chinese drama I waited 1 year and a half to receive subtitles, and when I could finally watch it, it was a complete dissapointment. The translation quality is extremely good, but the story not so much. I really wonder, if readers couldn't review the novel before the chapters were out, would it have such a high score? The sad thing is, I even gave a 5 star review to this before the chapters were released, well ... that should teach me to never judge a book by its cover, or in my case, by the plot.


The summary is a hoax. If their relationship somehow succeeds then I can only say that this is definitely STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. The female lead is shameless, idiotic yet pretends to be intelligent.


One word: boring. Really, if you don't like to read about stalkers and a lot of bull****, don't read. I will speak briefly: she is a protagonist who is not intelligent and who pursues a beautiful, young and cold executive.


it just annoyed... translator, you do great job.. but thurst me, I've been reading this and all I wanna say is annoying. MC is trash, she just stupid girl who act like genius. and ML, I don't know why but I hate him. synopsis and story is really different... I was disppointed


Honestly, I didn't get very far before I stopped. While there were various amusing references to other novels, the comedy in general was lacking. Also, the storyline is pretty similar to Bringing the Nation's Husband Home (i.e. Forced relationships, tortured and special-in-some-way male protagonist, pitiful fallen rich female protagonist, biting of shoulders, etc). If this kind of thing is your kind of thing, then by all means, go for it. But in my opinion, it feels like a ripoff of BNHH.


Okay guys, it's still in the voting phase, I don't get why we are even allowed to review and give it so many stars when we haven't even started on the first word. Some may say that they've already seen how good this is in Chinese but here's the thing, the Chinese is still different from the translated version. Why else is there a "Translation Quality" and "Stability of Updates"? Can't judge a book by its cover and you can't review a book just based on it's synopsis.


As early as now I have decided to give all my votes for this MALE PROTAG ROMANCE guy is head over heels for girl, divorce ends up with man under the woman ahahaha what else could I ask for? tbh I voted for Empress Gigolo in hopes it might be like this but it was more of a world build ; u ; I'm just sad cuz a lot of novels start off with rape or drunk *** of some sort ; u ; bless you translators!! also those kekeke ahem ahem chapters... looking forward to reading this!!!