Living Next to the Reckless Book

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Living Next to the Reckless


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Eighteen-years old Miracle Madrigan is a kind of girl who spends more time studying and reading her books. She hate being in crowd for she feel so very uncomfortable. Miracle loves her parents so much that she doesn't want to disappoint them. She wanted to study hard for her to repay the hardwork of her parents in the future. She will be taking her college journey very soon and since she don't like staying in a college dorm, her mom get her a condo unit near to her school. Miracle loves the place so much. The overlooking view in North Veda gives her so much chills. She found the ambience so perfect for her study. However, everything turns out bad... She was at her best moment when someone living next door was so loud everytime as if they're the only person living in the place. She can't take it anymore and run off frustratingly in that room and have knocked and ringed the bell many times. She was about to knocked again but it was when the door open suddenly making her tumbled. She waited for her body to collapse in the floor but instead she feel a big hands completely wrapped around her waist, blocking her sight with the person's naked chest. She was so nervous. And there he met the guy... Kade Emmanuel Dixon. a playboy and a selfish bachelor. A guy who don't care about the consequences of his actions. A guy who who do every foolish things. Would this be the beginning of ones miserable journey? Or Would this be the beginning of unexpected destiny? She never thought living next to the reckless would be the change of her life.


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