Living My Second Life As A NAGA Book

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Living My Second Life As A NAGA


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A young man named Amira Sylvester, died from an accident at the age of 27. Amira lost his balance and feel off a cliff straight into the depths of the sea. Although he knows how to swim, his body didn't move, regardless of how much his brain tells it to do so. As he reluctantly closed his eyes and puffed out the last air in his lungs, he jolted awake to see, not the very depth of the cold sea, but the opened beak of a huge bird. He tried to move away from the gawking beak of the bird, but as soon as he tried to stand up he stumbles back down. Startled as to why he can't get up, he looked at his body and from seeing it, he couldn't control the loud screech that came from him as it surprised the bird and spread all across the forest. "W-why am I a snake!?" Was the only thing he could say.


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