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Living my life in another world!


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What is Living my life in another world!

Read Living my life in another world! novel written by the author FloaTing on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, system, cultivation, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is my first novel, hope you like it! The synopsis doesn't have many details of the story, as I didn't know how to make one, nor what exactly to put in them. This synopsis is the one I thought was the best. Why should I stay in a place where everybody disdains me, humiliates me and bullies me? For revenge? To face slap them? The original owner of this body is already dead, why should I give a damn about these nobles and so-called family, I am going to explore this world and live my life to the fullest this time. I was a doctor in my previous life, I am sure I can cure this useless body so I can cultivate and protect myself in this eat-the-weak world, maybe I will build a clinic after. What?! I knew that there was no technology here, but still this parallel world could at least maintain the same herbs and ingredients as my last one, but no, everything is totally different and magical even. No matter, I will learn again. Ding! System activated. Requirements met. Welcome Host. [Quest: Travel to Wingtar region to establish yourself at the innermost part of the forest.] [Reward for getting to Wingtar: 1 aura pill (will allow Host to reach the innermost forest without being attacked) - 1 time use only.] [Reward for reaching innermost forest: ???] "Wait if it is a one time use only how will I get out of there? Anyway, that is for later, I need to find out how to fix this body first so I can cultivate" said Scarlet [That is unnecessary, it is impossible to cultivate in this lifetime with this body, there is nothing anyone can do, you should quickly accept your fate of being a weakling.] "Where the hell is my system that is going to make me OP?! F**k, since that is the case, I need to figure out how not to get killed/sold and what to do now." said an indignant and irritated girl [You will survive using your medical skill, information trade and cooking skill.] "I understand the first two but cooking? Are they my rewards? Because I don't know the medicine of this world, the only information I know of this place is common sense and how can I cook with this primitive tools. It will be good to know those things, seems like you can be a useful system." said Scar [Of course not, there is no such thing as free knowledge and skills, you will have to learn and acquire those yourself, the system will provide you with the materials. You have 13 days to reach your destination, otherwise the system will deem you unfit and end the connection, leaving you on your own.] "How can you be such a useless system, you can't make me cultivate or anything else and you are already rushing to be disabled." complained Scarlet.


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Shameless author's review here!! This is my first novel and my first time trying to write one. If you guys could, I would love to know what you have thought about my novel so far, so that I can try to improve and to see if it's worth to continue! Thank you! ^-^


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