1 Chapter 1: the curse

I was sitting in a tiny baby chair while in front of me was a goddess. "oh, max dhill right." I nod my spiritual head. "Well sorry to say this but, you're dead." the beautiful and mostly naked goddess said to me. "So since your death has happened, we're gonna spin the wheel for your new life!" Once she said that a giant and colorful wheel appeared out of thin air.

"wait, this is going to fast can I get an explanation, please," I said with me holding my invisible but spiritual head. I had no idea what happened, as I was just going to sleep in my very comfortable white and black bed with my stuffed ww2(world war 2) helmet doggo, as the next moment I woke up I came here.

"well... you see." she started to stutter as her glittering angel blue eyes were moving around the room trying to dart away from my question. " I *mumble mumble*" "what, I didn't hear you." " I caused your death!" the goddess said in a louder voice than before, and also a slightly pouty face.

"what do you mean?" I look into the face of the goddess. Angel blue eyes, glossy blonde hair that runs down her back and touches her nape butt, her light rosy cheeks, her small cute lips, and her round nose that looks like a toy plushy. Yep, definitely, the looks of a goddess, Don't get me started on her naked body as her light pink nip... Wait in losing focus.

"How did you cause my death?" " I uh might've sent a truck that landed inside your house to take your soul as I heard your wish of wanting to reincarnate." "YOU WHAT!" I got up, kicked the baby chair, which dissolved after I did that and screamed. Yeah, I wanted to be reincarnated but not like this, like in your typical isekai.

"And the worse part is." the goddess said while rubbing her arm making it turn a little red. "your soul power isn't enough so we can't be using your new body that was gonna be made by our hands. since that can't happen you'll need to be sent into the random reincarnation wheel of life!" she said changing her tone from sad to an excited tone of voice making her breast jump up then down.

" I guess since your trying to be positive and this can sometimes happen in typical isekai, you'll give me a cheat ability RIGHT!" I said looking into the goddess worrying eyes. "well I can't give you it now as you'll first need your reincarnated body, then say the word status which might hurt a tab bit as you exerting spiritual force but that will make you be able to take in mana since your soul will be connected to our realm, after that that I can give you a cheat according to the body you'll possess kay." she said those words with an oddly similar voice that sounded like a teacher."

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Okay, I get it but is the wheel safe." my eyes were squinting to the wheel as I was trying to pick up the words it was saying. Some words we're in a 45 letter font like human or demon while some were in an 8 letter font. "don't worry it's mostly safe but first I'll need you to go into that pod that I materialized right behind you, after that, I'll spin the wheel which will automatically send you into a body after it was done spinning." As I tried to look backward I ended up hitting my arm on the glass door, it looks like a regular capsule where you'll see in Hospital machines or maybe in a water park roller coaster.

I ended up hitting the open button as it seemed to have smoke come out looking like a freezer you'll open. I went inside, which made the door automatically closed. "Time to spin the wheel!" the goddess said as she begins spinning the gigantic wheel. The wheel spins with many dazzling colors to deep brooding colors. The wheel slowly stops until it hits a dark red mixed with a shade of purple. My capsule shakes as lightning somehow appears. "oh no, that's wasn't part of the whe..... Max get.... out off the....." she says as I slowly lost consciousness.

'ugh what happened.' I thought as I was waking up. I try to look around and found out I can move in a 360-degree view, like a VR headset. I look around again to see black burnt trees surrounding me with grey and black stairs leading up to me. I try to get up but it seems to me I lost my legs. 'wait, why am I stuck on a stone platform.' I look down and see that I'm stuck on those things where you pull out the hero swords from and go on an adventure to save the world. Not only that but I see a blade we're I am! I started to try and pull myself out but it wasn't working.

'testing, testing. ' the goddess said seemingly testing some sort of an item that can communicate with me, then she somehow teleported in front of me. 'well max... This is me releasing my spiritual form with an item that causes a loss of a lot of mana since a Goddess or God can't normally do this, so I'll keep it fast. you have seemed to land on a spot in the wheel us great gods didn't add and well, it was added by the demon goddess Lilliana which made you be reincarnated into a cursed living weapon.' the goddess said in an undeniable serious tone.

'Not only that but, you were sent into the demon realm Alles'ter which is about to go to war.' she said to me in a seemingly sad voice. 'Wait so that means she wants to use me as a weapon in the war.' 'Probably, yes.' I was gonna be used as a weapon, maybe I deserved it as I was never good at life. I was fat 25 years old man, depressed and seemingly always been manipulated by others for work or some other stuff, I was always used to it as it happened for years but, just but, if I was going to go to a new world where my life would probably have endless joy in and was going to be the strongest person or sword in my predicament, then I'm not gonna be manipulated, even if by a fuc**** demon goddess!

'I need you to say status so I can inspect the curse you have been implemented with, also I left you some skills as that's all I can do to interfere with your body cause of the curse.' The goddess said winking. A sweet system like world is my fav! 'STATUS.' a holographic screen came in front of me as there was also a slight pull on my spirit that hurt a tad bit. Which was then filled by some other thing, probably the mana from this world.


Race: (cursed) living weapon Age:0

Name: none

Unique skills: 3

Regular skills: 2 Magics learned: 2

Blessings earned: the curse of the demon goddess

the blessing of the goddess of light/reincarnation

Durability: 150/150 Magic points:55/55

Strength: 145 Speed: 20

Dexterity: 100 (New)Intelligent: 143


On race, the word (cursed) was highlighted so I clicked it as the status was a touch screen.



Cursed by the goddess of demons, this curse will affect the on with the spell.

• Cannot transform into a different race

• Cannot talk to anyone besides the first person who wields you

• Cannot use skills until you are gained a wielder


After checking the curse, the goddess started talking again behind me. "Well it's seems I can't help you right now as my mana is slowing depleting and I don't know what to do with that curse yet, so for now try not to die Kay." 'Yep Don't worry I won't die easily, by the way, how can I get out.' I said with a little bit of a worried voice.

"I believe someone will come by soon. Don't worry, I'm watching over you." She said flying through a materialized portal which looks like a vertical version of a wave pool with colors like dark blue aqua to bright yellow. Then she disappeared. 'Let's check my skills.' I said in a positive voice or thought.


Unique skills:

Skills that are granted by amazing achievements or are granted by the gods and goddesses.

• growth: you will always grow with the wielder.

•skill shop: (cursed is in effect) lets you earn skill points from levels to buy skills from a shop.

•adaption: lets you transform into other weapons for the cost of mana.


'Woah okay, so these were my unique skills, nice. I kinda understand it as these skills will help me be a great weapon with my wielder. Okay, time to check ski...' when I went to press skills a beautiful human girl that looks 19 years old land in front of me face flat on the ground after she tripped.

This was my start of another world as a cursed sword. with my partner by my side.