77 “Intensive” training

Lunch was quiet with Kayin's random conversations, while Mu Liang paid attention to the conversation and not the food, surprisingly he had eaten more than usual because of the distraction.

Too bad Kayin didn't talk about Gyasi's childhood, but at the end of lunch, Mu Liang and Kayin exchanged communication numbers. Then there would be future information about Gyasi's childhood, mainly photos of his growth.

After a while Mu Liang and Gyasi were alone on the porch, Mu Liang's humble and careful form was nowhere to be seen, now he was receiving a massage on his shoulders did for his fiancé.

"It's just a massage ... You're getting more and more daring ..." Mu Liang complained when Gyasi started to nibble on the tips of his pointed ears which were very sensitive.

Mu Liang took everything and felt his body cool and the muscles stopped shaking, he felt more vitalized. Hu Jong helped Prince Mu to his feet.


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