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Living In Penumbra


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This project is the love child of the classic cartoon "Danny Phantom," a personal inspiration from MTV's "Teen Wolf," and the paragon of Spider-Man movies "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." Please, if you like even one of those works of art just give my piece a chance, I'm sure it will be worth your while. Werewolves with a twist! In a world where portals to another dimension rip in and out of existence, a mischievous high school student faces a chaotic new reality after a horrific creature known as a wulver leaves her with the ability to become a wulver herself. Now she and her two best friends struggle for survival as maintaining this secret means keeping herself alive. Living in Penumbra is a monthly (typically finished between the 20-31 of each month) episodic Syfy Action/Drama with considerably mature humor, dramatic scenes, violence, drug/alcohol use, tension, and heavy suspense. The targeted demographic is 14 and up. I write the episodes in screenplay format and then alter it to suit the site (and make it more fun to read XP). Character art and reference sheets are on my Deviant art (LittleDevil-888) if your interested (I'm an experienced artist) Floor plans/maps are also on my DA for important locations as a visual aid to help with imagining the scenes.


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