Living Doll of MHA

A child is born into the world of MHA. She is not born in Japan but is instead born in England. Her Quirk? It is still yet to be determined but from her birth, she has the appearance of a baby toy doll. Will she be a hero? Will she become a villain? Or will her path be one that is her own that is outside of those two choices? (Short release of a chapter or couple of them, unlike my other projects that have been continued.. do not expect regular updates!) Kofi Link to donate and join monthly for early chapter releases: https://ko-fi.com/dancematdan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ehdpPFzrFF

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An older woman who had some strands of greyed hairs and minor wrinkles stumbled inside and her body kept swaying.

She held a bottle of whisky in her hands and took a large chug of it before turning her attention towards Tiffany. "You.. you useless brat! I should have never picked up a piece of trash like you!"

Tiffany lifted her body up to sit up and face the woman who entered. "Mother?"

The woman grit her teeth and looked angered upon hearing her call out. "Shut up you damn brat! Why are you of no use!"

Tiffany sighed internally maintaining her usual caring attitude as she tried to coax her adoptive mother and get her to settle down a little.

It had been a couple of years since it had started and it was not so bad at first until her adoptive mother had her drinking problem worsen.

The woman continued to mutter to herself after falling towards a bail of hay. "Damn.. brat.. so worthless. Cannot even be sold off for a decent price.. not even those perverts wanted you. Haha.."

There had been no luck towards Tiffany being sold off with her Quirk being something that could earn a high price since or being enough to make enough money for her parents.

Her quirk never showed any signs of showing anything else besides her body being similar to a doll so there was not a huge attraction towards those who would even consider paying a decent price that would be more than what Tiffany brought in during her usual work.

There were some people with sick and perverted hobbies who had unique tastes who could have been interested in her uniqueness but once they saw the damage done to her, they were rather put off from wanting to pursue other any further.

The various cracks and damage Tiffany had sustained over a long time had remained even after she grew up.

They may have adjusted a little with her bodies growth and some areas of the cracks were filled in but the full damage could not be completely removed.

There were numerous cracks on her arms and legs while some others were located on her torso with one small one on her cheek.

Most came from her youngest years being handled roughly by the other children while the more fresh cracks had resulted from more recent incidents.

Tiffany saw her foster mother fall down and rushed over to help lift her back up despite the harsh words that continued to pour out of her mouth.

Just as the woman got to her feet, her arm struck out causing Tiffany to be pushed back and stumble to the ground. "Gerroff me!"

Her words turned more venomous as she continued to scream towards Tiffany who was climbing back to her feet. "Are you looking down on me now? Huh?"

Tiffany was nearly back up and replied in a gentle voice. "No mother.. I just meant.."

Before she could finish her sentence, the arm of her mother swung out causing the thing in her hands to fly out.

There was a loud thud and crack that followed as the whisky bottle hit Tiffany in the head causing her head to suffer great damage.

The porcelain skin of hers cracked and the layer of it over her internal doll organs had started to come off in fragments creating a frightening scene.

Tiffany did not know what had happened before everything started to turn black and her consciousness faded.

All she could hear was the shouting of her foster mother who yelled at her to get up and stop faking it followed by a slightly more panicked tone of voice.

The voices faded away when everything turned black but Tiffany was able to understand that her foster mother had ran away from where she had fallen.

A short time had passed and two figures entered quietly with one being her adoptive mother and the other being her adoptive father.

The man looked down towards the mess before him and turned towards the woman with a scolding tone. "Look at the mess you have made.. you were never here and none of this happened. Are we clear?"

The woman looked frightened and nodded hurriedly before being chased back out.

The man was alone with the body of Tiffany and checked over her state but could not feel any sign of life. "Hah.. that woman will be the death of me. I guess that I can only use the usual excuse to explain this."

It was not unusual for some of the children they brought up to suddenly go missing one day.

Almost every one of them had been sold off and were sent away during the night so it was not unusual for Tiffany to suddenly disappear without it being questioned.

After he had left, there was a sound of an engine along with tires moving across the ground getting closer and closer until it came to a halt outside.

The man came back inside with an old carpet which was placed by the body of Tiffany then he rolled her onto it before wrapping her up in it.

He looked towards the fragments and more fleshy parts that were a little bloody for a moment before going to grab some more things to clean it up quickly.

Anything else could be left for later since he needed to get the body away from where they were.

He lifted up the body wrapped in the carpet which was much lighter than he had expected then he moved it towards the back of his car where it was thrown in.

The car soon started up again and drove off and kept going down the road into the dark night.

The car soon passed through to an area that was a large waste dumping area full of all kinds of trash and abandoned junk or parts.

Once he had arrived at a suitable location where he could dump the body far away, he carried the wrapped up body of Tiffany out before discarding her under a pile of rubbish and debris.

The engine and tire noises soon faded off into the distance leaving behind the body of Tiffany who was left abandoned like she was like the discarded trash around her.

It was an ending that she never expected and it was never how she imagined how she would be treated by her adoptive parents if she did ever suffer such a fate.