Living a loving life
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Living a loving life


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What is Living a loving life

Read Living a loving life novel written by the author MyNameIsTaken on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, r18, system, harem, horror. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Kevin was an average boy of his age. He strived for his grades, pleased his parents for additional allowance and dreamed of having a girlfriend before he graduates college. Until suddenly a system came in his life. First Meeting [Hello Host!] “Da fuck?!” [Wow! You’re too smart! How did you know my nickname host?] “That is your nickname? Who the hell named you that?” [The main system. He said that he accidentally had an accident when I was born. So he ended up setting my name as “Da fuck”. When he was calm enough he made a remedy with my name. But the first name cannot be changed so it is now my nickname to override the error.] “How poor you are to bear that name when you are born. Since you are renamed, what is your new name?” [System 0B163: A good guy system.] “....you know what we should just stick with your nickname. It’s less harmless and more inclined to my mood now. For someone who wants to have a relationship you’re just too much of a flag.” [Understood] Nth period later “You know what I should just sever my ties with you back then” [Why Host?] “Although I achieved things that men dreamed for all their lives, you are just too good at planting landmines for me.” [I think I haven’t done any of that sorts host.] “....then how do you explain these fighting monsters who aim to keep me? I remember not asking this for the love of my life!” [Well wasn’t that a man’s romance? The intelligence I got says that much.] “Da fuck!” [Do you mean to call me host?] With a system that is just too good to be true, Kevin shatters his mundane life in the journey of being a good guy. Author's note: The harem is slow to build up in this story but the number of them is already decided. I am also undecided of making this an R18 story. But for sure there there will be gore somewhere in this story.


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For me it was an enjoyable read i was drawn to it because of yandere tag and its Quick Transmigration of the mc and this kind genre just happens to be my favorite and its boy x girl (no offense but i hate BL) and for the author who created this novel i have nothing but respect, I recommend this diamond in the rough cause its really good and definitely enjoy reading it


well let me be straight and simple. I like yanderes and probably most of us do. so if you are here to enjoy yandere and craziness then you are at a good place. so the story is something like this:- the mc has grown up with utmost care by his mother and sister like a girl. not going into much detail he gets a system one day and it helps him in clearing 'worlds'. in those worlds he has only one objective- find a girl and make her his girlfriend. sounds easy? well not quite. just read it and you will find out it is much more darker and crazier than you can imagine. to author- I like this story. honestly I have read tens of yandere stories. and this one can be one if my favorite. hmm so for suggestions I would like the system to be more helpful ( I mean something like shop or upgrades or something) it is good enough but still. the updates are good . but the world building needs more effort. also I would like if you add multiple pov too(it would be better if it constitutes of an entire chapter). some grammatical mistakes but that's ok. and add some more craziness. the story is still starting and I am excited. I don't write much review, but I think this one deserves it. readers just go for it and author don't stop or I will haunt you. 🤗🤗


To be honest i was browsing for yandere novels and just decided to give it a try didn't expect i would find a gem,it was great and satisfying and if you love yandere novels then this is for you


I liked the concept of the story and it has a lot of potential,and im very looking forward to the world hopping and yandere,To end things it is a very great story and its definitely worth the time.


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