1 Life moving downhill

Hey, my name is Hope, and believe it or not I have two families. By that I mean I ended up having a family with two different men, both of which were completely unaware that the other existed. Sounds weird right, but before you judge me let me tell you my story and how this all happened by accident starting with a look into my past.

High school is a difficult time for every teen since many don't know who they would become or what they wanted to do in life. I would say that I had it extremely rough because unlike everyone else who was able to choose their future I had mine planned out for me. You see my father Elijah Hansson was a successful businessman meaning that he wasn't around very often so it was mostly me and my mom, Rose Hansson. If I'm honest I wouldn't have had it any other way. My mother was an amazing person with her always make time for me. We did almost everything together from cooking, cleaning, and even playing games. She was my best friend and I loved her very much but there were days that she would also work since she didn't want to be a stay-at-home mom so during those days my dad would work from home.

It was during one of these types of days that everything changed because on her way home my mom got into a car crash...she didn't survive. I remember that moment so clearly with those painful words finding their way out of the doctor's mouth "I'm sorry for your loss" and with those words my entire world came crashing down. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak, I couldn't feel it was as though my soul had left my body and that began my journey as what some might call an emotionless child.

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You might be wondering where my father was doing to comfort me...well the answer to that was nothing he became completely engulfed in his work while ignoring the fact that his daughter's eyes had gone dull with sadness and regret. It was as though he didn't care so neither did I. I started to not pay attention in school, start fights anytime I could, and shut everyone out. Of course, my dad didn't care he was too busy keeping his business running and so I kept on with this behavior leaving me to be alone most times since no one wanted to be around an unstable mess like me.

However, once I reached 16 my father began to pay more attention to me, and being as blunt as I am I asked him what was with this change in attitude turns out he was looking to marry me off to the Hao families son Jacob Hao which wasn't surprising seeing as all my old man cared about was his own companies gain. I didn't care though I just went on with my life since it's not like being told this stirred up any emotion within me it was just another piece of information that I needed to live with and I was fine with this. But then one day I was smoking in the park and a person pulled the cigarette from my lips and little did I know then that this was the moment that my life would take a turn for a weird ride.

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