Live, Love and be Happy
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Live, Love and be Happy


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What is Live, Love and be Happy

Live, Love and be Happy is a popular web novel written by the author honeybee43, covering R-18, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, ROMANCE, REVENGE, BETRAYAL, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 121.3K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 92 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is the story about a young billionaire's daughter that believes the world revolve around her but she was betrayed by her suppose husband, best friend and parent in-law. she later found love in another country when she narrowly escaped death from her husband. Jerry adore Susan like a gem even before she met him and after she met him he treated her like a treasure until she completely fall in love with him and forget about all her bastard husband and friend. She love this Jerry so much that her heart beats for him. I love you so much Susan, you are like a sun that bright up my life, I have given my life to you on the first day I set my eyes on you, without you my life is meaningless, can you be my wife? Jerry propose to Susan in front of their friends and family. what goes around comes around for Betty ( Susan's best friend) when Bob (Susan's former husband) showed his true colour to her while she blames herself for betraying her best friend that treats her like a sister. Is this the price she has to pay for her betrayer???? So be it but she will do everything in her power to pull him down to hell !!!!!


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The writing style is really different and the plot line is good. The ellaborate description of the rich world was spot on and the mc being a spoiled girl had her faults. Just keep note on the grammar. I would love to know how the fl would take revenge against her best friend and hubby.


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I guess reading this book would be a much enjoyable experience if the author did a bit clean up on the writing... Although I can see a lot of improvement as the story goes on, I hope that the author will take time to edit the chapters at the beginning. I mean, the plot is pretty good and it would be a shame if potential readers chose to leave after reading the first few chapters. I think the author did a good job of creating a hateful MC, but... after everything that the MC faced, I'm looking forward to seeing how her character's development most. Good luck, author.


Dear Author, The storyline of your novel is very good. Also the story development is in pace. The only thing I would suggest you is to write in quotation. There are a few grammatical errors but can be corrected once you read thoroughly. Keep the hard work going on! Good Luck!


It wasn't my typical read, but it was quite interesting nonetheless. I liked the initial characters, and the allocation of assets was quite fascinating. Keep it up


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Reveal spoiler


The story was good and author gave a detailed description making it easy to imagine things. The story development was also well in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I could feel the author's unique writing style.The only thing I would like to advice was the author should use " " Quotation marks during dialogue exchange. All in all author did a great job and looking forward to read more. Keep up the good work author 👍


The story is good and all! A billionaire father dies and his asshole children get all the money but you need to add "......" When someone talking and there are some miscellaneous grammar mistake. Use! ~*""'’‘ and it will make your novel better! Good luck!




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From the first chapter the story is definitely interesting. Based on how the story goes (which I'm guessing but would read further), it explores the daily life of a grieving lavish family. But like an ******* like you, I make mistakes too and it's hard to set in ideal situations we want. I will keep reading, so let's support each other!


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