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Read Live For Me novel written by the author Rice_02 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Lillian LeBlanc, 17 years old, went to medical school to pursue her dream to become a doctor. She never comes across the feeling called love while she was forced to feel it, not once at a time but once by two people who were unhealthy of her childhood dream. A man whose polite behaviour and never once failed surgery earned him the title of The best surgeon in the country. County’s most eligible Batchelor and known for never-going-to get-married statement. Who could have imagined that a little girl will make him earned for the marriage he wasn't looking forward to until his eyes fell on the 3rd bench of his class. ----------- “Tell me where to kiss you to erase the memory of him from your head, and you stop seeing him,” he asked pulling her towards himself securing in his arm as she was about to run out of the room. Shuddering, she glared at him “ As far as I know neither I am your girlfriend your nor sister so you better release me, now,”. Ignoring her reminder he picked the forceps randomly between the instruments on the tray and runs its sharp end down her spine he whispered “shall I kiss you there as nerves are condensed in the spine as you know better” pulling her hair enough to make her wince in pain he kissed above her hair “or here?” He asked. “Nowhere, it will only make me look for him even more to erase the memory of your insolent behaviour,”. She tried to free herself by pushing him. “We will know once I kissed you enough, won't we? So answer me from where to start?”. Instead of getting free she was pushed against the table almost laying on it while he was hovering above. Who was the “He” she was referring to? We will know along the journey or maybe at the end of the journey of the novel. who knows? -------------- After 7 years Lillian had met the man she was least expecting to see in her life again, seeing him made her heart wrench in pain as some invisible hand squeezed it. She had never expected him to meet in the condition she witnessed.


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Well, I am not an author or anything. This story has been in mind for a very long and never had put on paper. Give it a glace I will try to not disappoint you I have never disappointed myself in my dream. >.< if i didn’t give myself 5 star how will i encourage you guys to do so, its not for me but to encourage you so im very positive im not shameless xD.


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