1 Me

So welcome to my story I'm Rhneia Moores 16 years old and I'm a loner. My moms a drunk and my dad cheats on her every night. My older brother if taking a year off from College to sit at home and get high. And me I just sit back and watch every things die out this is my family and I wish I was never born in to it. It's just a bunch of people that make you feel bad about you self in on house but enough of that. Let's get to the real story.

So as you you know I'm a loner so i keep to my self and I have a secret I'm dating the popular girl. Kimmy James Yea it's hard to believe but that's what's going on and I'm in love with her. If any thing she is the last person keeping me alive she doesn't feel the same way tho. To her we are just friends with benefits but that's ok. As always on Wednesdays we snuck off to the bleachers to make out. I was so happy to have her in my arms after that long ass day. Her boyfriend called when I got on top of her. I just sat there while she told him she loved him. It made me so angry not that she didn't love me but that she was playing him. But I just kept my mouth shut because I was just a toy. But when she hung up she could tell that I was pissed she looked a me with a smirk and said in a bitchy toon are you jealous. I said yea and she laughed and told me that I was just there to get her off. And laughed and said I could never have any feelings for you. That pissed me off more so I hoped off her lap and put my clothes back on and grabbed my stuff. Turned around and said then find someone else to get you off. She got in my face and look me in the eyes with a sad but mad face and said fine but I'm better then any one you can ever get with. With that I walked away.

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