2 Bye, bye boyfriend

I decided to skip school that day we only had 2 hours left. I'm a very small girl i wear glasses and I have short black hair. But kimmy has long brown Beautiful hair with gorgeous blue eyes and she was a normal sized skinny girl. But ass I walked out of the school I went to the gas station to grab some chips. When I got out the store I saw I saw kimmy's boyfriend. Siting in his car was him and her best friend I was stunned. I took out my phone and took a video. I sent it to Kim and put my phone in my packet and walked away. When I got home my phone was blowing up.

Kim was texting me saying that that wasn't real and that I was a big bitch and how much she hated me. I said ok and blocked her I say on my bed and just cried in controllably. I wanted to die but after a few hours she texted me again on Instagram fist she said that I was a bitch for blocking her then she talked about how she confronted them and how they told her the truth honestly I felt bad for them because Kim was the most popular girl in school and could destroy them then she ended with thank u and I said k turn my phone off and I was kinda happy.