1 Unforeseen Trouble

I'm on my way to U.P. town because my sister told me to meet her there. I'm not really that old, I'm just a 17-year-old girl who's quite scared when it comes to socializing with other people and pretty scared with a bunch of other things too.

My older sister booked a car for me. We planned on eating in a restaurant with his boyfriend after my classes.

It took a little longer than expected, it's already 8:37 PM, and my class was dismissed at 8:00 PM.

After waiting for a few minutes a black car stopped in front of me, well I guess this is the car?

It's a 5-seater car.

I'm not familiar with the models of different cars though.

I went near it and opened the door for the backseat, and before going in I made eye contact with the driver.

The driver is playing a piece of loud music, geez.

He's like 24+ years old.

"Uh... Is this the car for Alina?" Well, that's my sister's name.

"Yes, your destination is Phase 1 of UP right?" I went in after I heard him say yes, and he asked back after answering my question.

We managed to understand each other even if there's blasting music.

"Can you give me a sec.?" I opened my bag to get my phone, I texted my sister about the location that the driver mentioned and my sister confirmed that it's the right place.

"Sure, no problem."

"Yeah Phase 1," I told the driver.

Before I get to say goodbye to my sister, she told me to be careful.

I'm a little scared, if only my sister and her boyfriend went to pick me up then I wouldn't feel this nervous.

Too bad my battery is at 9% and I forgot to bring my charger.

I mentally facepalmed, I forgot to bring my pepper spray and my ballpoint pen with a knife inside. Damn.

I got to admit that's one of my stupid mistakes.

I zipped my bag after putting my phone inside it and realizing that I left something that could save me from someone or maybe something, well there are a lot of circumstances. It's not that I'm paranoid, but we never know what will happen next.

Better to be safe than sorry.

"Is it ok for you if I lock the doors? I'm just worried that someone might come and open the car, you know like a mentally ill person or-." He asked me.

"Sure." I cut him off, he seems rambling.

I don't know if it's just me or the driver kept on glancing at me from the rearview mirror.

I started to get anxious.

I don't know if what am I supposed to do in this kind of situation.

I don't really know if how are we going to get to UP, but I'm quite sure that this is not the right path that would lead us to the expected destination.

How can I say so? It's because the driver is not following the indicated route from his phone.

The navigator is telling him to turn left then right and so on whatever, however, he's not following the directions.

Gotta make a move.

"Uhm... Where are we right now?" I asked

He panicked after the moment that I asked him.

"W-we are almost the-there." He stuttered, even though he's completely aware that he's doing something wrong.

What he's doing right now is basically kidnapping, he's bringing me in a place that I don't even know where without my consent.

He doesn't have enough confidence to talk, yet he's that sure to continue what he is about to do. Or am I just being paranoid and overthinking?

My heart is beating so fast up to the point that I could hear it.

I'm really nervous, I hope I'll make it out of here.

I tried to calm myself.

Oh geez.

My knees are trembling in fear.

What if I'll get kidnapped by some bad guys so that they would be able to earn money by selling my organs, or selling my body?

What if this man has some sort of mental disorder, perhaps he's a psychopath and he'll kill me brutally for his own pleasure and happiness!?

WhAt iF HiS pLaN iS To aSk fOR rAnSOm!?


Goddamn it, I need to get out of this car immediately before I turn into a crazy-ass woman.

I acted like I am not aware that he's going to do something that I won't like.

I unbuttoned my blouse a little like 2 or 3 buttons while moving to the middle of the backseat, I noticed him sweating and touching his 'down there' part.

Gladly I'm wearing my sports bra, and if I remove my blouse completely it could look like I'm going to the gym or going to do something sporty or whatever.

My chest is not super exposed, it's just my cleavage that is kinda showing.

I leaned in a little in the space between the driver's seat and the shotgun seat.

"Mind if I lower the temperature? It's kinda hot here at the back." I saw him in my peripheral vision looking in my exposed skin.

"N-no, I don't mind at all." He responded and gulped his saliva.

I finally confirmed his motive.

I leaned more and lowered the temperature since he was so focused with all the exposed skin he could see, he didn't even notice that I adjusted the glades of the aircon and most of the air going towards him.

It's getting cold now, I can freaking feel it of course.

"What's inside the glove compartment?" I asked.

"O-oh, just some first aid kit *nervous chuckles* someone might get into an accident or something." He answered nervously.

I tried to reach for the glove compartment, then I opened it.

I saw some face mask (like what you wear when you're sick), then some candies, a face towel, some biscuits, and bottled water.

"Oh I forgot, i-i removed the k-kit alre-ready earlier." He said when he saw the things inside the glove compartment.

I closed the glove compartment.

We're passing through a creepy place where the lights are worn out, some lights are not even working.

I freaked out deep inside me.

I tried to breathe slowly to calm myself a bit.

I touched his shoulder and he flinched a little.

I moved my body a bit more closer to him, and it looks like he's already sexually aroused.

"Just keep driving, and please drive slowly." I whispered to him.

"Do you have a girlfriend? Or a wife." I asked while my hand is traveling on his arms.

"Hmm, things are actually going accordingly to what I planned." He said, looking more relieved than earlier.

"To answer your question, I'm single and ready to fuck you." He smirked.

"Well, I guess age doesn't really matter hun." I giggled after saying that statement.

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