1 #1 LITE


"Yo dude look at this trailer for this new game called LITE."

"Come on it's probably just like the others, I mean they're good in all they just get boring sometimes."

"No dude I'm serious about this one, this one looks like a masterpiece!"

"... Wow you're right! You make your own kingdoms! I'm going to get the game and become a Hero king."


Aidan was a 17 year old guy with black hair and red eyes.

'I've seen the trailer, don't get me wrong it looks amazing but it makes me so mad. You can be or do anything in this game even become a king and everyone still wants to become the hero. If I get the game I'll become a villain. Heroes are getting too boring."

Even though everyone was calling the trailer new, it was released more than 3 months ago. But I guess that's how you could tell the game was going to be a huge hit. 3 more days passed and boom the creators of the game posted something on twitter "Game will be dropping in 15 minutes in all stores and online. Thanks to everyone that PRE-ordered."

Everyone went crazy. There were hundreds no, thousands of people in front of stores waiting. But something weird happened Aidans doorbell was rung. And when he opened the door there was a box with the game LITE.

'I didn't order LITE. I wasn't even planning to get the game… So why is it at my front door?'

He thought about it for a minute but then he got an idea that made him smile. He ran into a room that had a black chair. It looked like a dyer chair, he bended down and pushed a button that was at the bottom of the chair. And then a cd thing slid out, he placed the game cd in and it slid back in.

He sat down in the chair and put the thing over his head, some spikes then came out and leached onto his head which seemed painful but it wasn't.

10 .... 20 … 60 … 100 … Loaded complete welcome to LITE




400,000,000 PLAYERS ONLINE

Aidan pushed Store and it took him to a whole bunch of stuff

Rich king Kit $35,000 - Get anything and everything for your kingdom for free!

Harem $200 - Get any woman in your bed.

For $20,000 get 100,000,000,000,000 coins

For $15,000 get 100,000,000,000 coins

For $10,000 get 100,000,000 coins

For $5000 get 99,999,999 coins

For $25 get 500,000 coins

For 8 get 3000 coins

For $300 get demon king Kit

For $300 get Hero Kit

For $1 get Gojo eyes


'I guess I won't be going to collage'

Aidan bought the rich king Kit and the Demon king kit and went back to the main menu. When he was at the main menu he went to NEWGAME and it took him to

Character -

Name -

Age -

Gender -

How many abilities - 5 rolls 1 Ability 95.9% Chance

Abilities - 5 rolls 2 Abilities 91.9% Chance

How many skills - 5 rolls 5 Abilities 70.9% Chance

Skills - 5 rolls 10 Abilities 25.5% Chance

TItle - 25 Abilities 10.5% Chance

50 Abilities 3.0% Chance

100 Abilities 1.0% Chance

1 Skill 95.9% Chance

2 Skills 91.9% Chance

How many skills - 5 rolls 5 Skills 70.9% Chance

Skills - 5 rolls 10 Skills 50.5% Chance

TItle - 25 Skills 10.5% Chance

50 Skills 3.0% Chance

100 Skills 1.0% Chance

Kingdom Name -

Kingdom wealth -

Kingdom man power -

He then filled them out

Character -

Name - Aidan B. Tempest

Age - 23

Gender - Male

How many abilities - 100

Abilities - Super Strength, Poison Generation, Control over all elements, Pain Nullification, Understand all languages, Super regeneration, superhuman speed, Item Duplication, Super Hearing, Extreme Luck, Animal Control, Clones, Super Intelligence, … SEE MORE

Skills - Pickpocketing, … SEE MORE

Kingdom -

Kingdom Name - The Kingdom of Thorfinn

Kingdom Wealth - Very Rich

Kingdom Man power - Around 25,000


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