1 Before it all end(1)

Lissa stand aside while looking at the scene before her eyes. There she was laying on the floor bleeding to her death, and not even five feet away stand a couple embracing each other and He was showing that pretty lady the most pathetic face a fool in love would have.

Adam: " It'll be okay Melli, everyone will just think that it was a fight gone wrong, She's always fighting anyways."

Mellisa: " But what if the police find the evidence, I don't wanna go to prison... she pretend to be crying... I didn't mean to kill her." In her mind she says, 'finally that bitch is dead everything will be mine now haha..'

Adam: " Don't worry baby I'll have my secretary handle it and take out every evidence related to you, now don't cry and let's go."

Lissa listen to the two talking and just stare at them showing their love in front of her corps that her twin herself murdered.

Lissa: I swear to the gods that I won't die in vain like that without taking both of them to hell with me.


Before my so angelical sister decided to murdered me, I Lived my life as the black sheep of the family. Both my parents were from elite family and were stuck up on having the most perfect family from the upper class. They both married each other because they thought they were compatible in social statures, and with both their family combine they would have a stronger hold in the upper class, so after both family were combine their company stocks increase and they were known as the best couple in society, but in private they were just living like stranger and businessmen. To perfect their wonderful public life they had to have a children and also they needed one as an heir, so they had twins at their attempt of creating an heir; which was me and my twin Mellisa.

Not even two years after we were born, we were taking to all kind of elite events, Dad and Mom were getting all kind of praise because of us and their precious family. They call our family the most beautiful and outstanding family of the generation. Back in Mother's days she was known as the most beautiful lady in city A, she was really sought after by all the men that met her, she had lot of marriage proposals but they were just not 'compatible' for her. Father was known as a genius and his beauty was out this world, he was a cold and handsome young man. They both still keep their beauties even if they are in their thirties. On top of them two being so f*cking beautiful they made two angelical little babies.

At only two years old The girls was already known as the world cutest babies. Lissa and Mellisa was high society's angels, and everywhere else they were known as the little angels in those cupid pictures. Mellisa posses big bright green eyes cute little nose and natural pink lips and long straight hair, even though they look alike Lissa had slight different feature than her. Lissa had those seductive cat eyes with that same bright green eyes as Melli's, straight pointy nose, she had those full plump lips with a red-ish color to them, and long luxurious brown hair, they both posses slightly different skin color. Mellisa took her mom's skin color and have porcelain white skin, and Lissa took after her dad and have milk chocolate skin, nevertheless both girls were beautiful.