Lionel's DownFall Book

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Lionel's DownFall


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Lionel Hall. A seemingly ordinary boy, in a world far greater than him. Then, The unlikely involvement of a wannabe gang leader costs him near everything, even his humanity. Only Magnus has hope of saving him. Can he do it? ____ He believes that the world around him is perfect. Ordinary. How couldn't he? He had a loving mother, a great school with an amazing best friend. But this superficial world soon crumbles around his feet as the reality of his past and future break light. Now he must Wade between light and dark. What's wrong? What's right? How does one survive in a world of insanity and brutality. All because of her. ------ Still in editing. If you see this book anywhere other than on here or wattpad it is COPYRIGHTED please let me know.


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