1 Chapter 2 - It's being tricked

"What? Limitless Upgrade System? Is this a cheat?"

Yang Xu brings up the system panel and takes a look.

[Limitless Upgrade System version 1.0]

Player: Yang Xu

Level: Level 3 Martial Artist

(Primordial Way Continent cultivation realm: Martial Artist, Martial Dao Grandmaster, Innate Grandmaster, Soul Warrior, Soul Master, Soul Spirit, Soul King, Soul Sovereign, Soul Venerable, Soul Emperor, Soul Saint. Every realm Divided into Level 1-9)

True Qi : 0

Skill: Not activated

Save Data: 10/10


There is a large list of attached attribute systems in the back, but they are all gray and obviously have not yet reached the activation requirements.

Only the last item:

"Save Data 10/10? What does this mean? Can it be Save Data?"

When wondering.

[Ding! ]

The sound of system sounded again in my mind:

[It is detected that the player's spirit fluctuation is severe. Is the player Save Data? ]

"I'm going, can this be archived? Can it be read again?"

The bright light suddenly flashed in Yang Xu's eyes——

"Save Data now!"

[Ding! ]

[The player Save Data is successful, the remaining reading, Save Data times 9/10! ]

"The next palace test Martial Artist, Yang Xu! Come in!"

Before waiting to test the archive effect, Yang Xu was called into Lingyun Hall.

Looking up, there is a five-handed Taishi chair directly above the main hall. There are five people sitting, three men and two women.

Everyone's face was solemn, and there was a powerful aura.

Several people glanced at Yang Xu, at least 3 people, all frowned, shook their heads slightly.

Yang Xu's heart sank.

"Did they see my flaw at a glance? I'm going, won't it be so fast?"

Yang Xu is much stronger than his peers.

He quickly stabilized his mind and calmly introduced:

"Seniors, my name is Yang Xu, a child of the Yang Family. I am practicing martial arts..."

"Less nonsense, don't need to repeat the information, remember it here."

The middle-aged man on the far left waved lazily.

Suddenly, the space in front of him, Origin Qi, was surging. Rows of lines of found mystery flashed with brilliance and appeared in the sky.

"Soul Technique! He is Soul Technique Master!"

Yang Xu stared at the found mystery himself, his eyes turned bright.

The middle age person said indifferently:

"Looking at the data records, the results are barely okay, but unfortunately the body is too bad… Hey, you only learned a martial skill?"

The middle-aged man and the middle-aged woman beside him, eyes shined and said to each other:

"This brat's foundation is too scum to enter into the Sect, just find a reason to send him away."

He did not lower his voice and all the people inside the hall, including the guards in the corner heard it.

Contempt flashed on the guard's face, some even joking on Yang Xu's situation.

Yang Xu's face is slightly red, and the expression is full of unwillingness:

"Less martial arts is not what the I want. Even without a fair opportunity, you just decide in a few words whether I pass or not?"

Yang Xu suppressed his anger.

He knew that even if it wasn't fair, he could only grind his teeth now.

The large gate like Ling Yunzong has the guts to be arrogant to a mere third-level Martial Artist like him.

Not to mention the 5 Elder is just an unremarkable guard, and also all Martial Artist Level 7-8 level.

"Without strength, I don't even have a voice."

Yang Xu clenched his fists.

A strong desire to grow stronger in his heart: I must pass the test!

"Yang Xu, there is only one question in the hall test. Let's finish this martial arts!"

The middle-aged woman in the middle of the five sneered with a cold hand, and a booklet flew to Yang Xu.

Grabbing the flying booklet, the entry is "Ape Demon Fist", and the two black stars under the title of the book are very conspicuous.

"Intermediate Martial Arts!"

The martial arts of the secular world are divided into four grades: low grade, intermediate grade, high grade and top grade.

The most common is low-level martial arts. Intermediate martial arts are uncommon for ordinary people. Only families like the Yang family can collect them.

Advanced martial arts are naturally more precious, and there are one or two waiting families, all treated as treasures.

"Very good, I am so worried and has no cultivation technique, and remembering things happens to be my strength."

Yang Xu smiled confidently.

His memory was good in the previous life, for which reason, he also learned the trick of fast memory.

For ordinary people, it is difficult to remember things, Yang Xu can remember them almost once they look at them, and if they work harder, they can also achieve unforgettable memories.

"It seems that there is hope to pass the temple test this time."

Yang Xu secretly rejoiced.

But there is no smugness.

Concentrating on his composure, he flipped through the booklet and suddenly found out that this "Ape Demon Fist" is an intermediate martial art, but it is different from the market.

On the palm-sized paper, densely packed with text and drawings, each point and posture has a detailed and detailed explanation.

"It is worthy of Martial Arts of Sect. Although it is middle level Martial Arts, the quality is probably not worse than the high level Martial Arts on the market!"

"Hehe, free Martial Arts, I won't learn in vain."

Yang Xu quickly concentrated and quickly remembered.


Just ten seconds later!


A violent attack struck the brochure back, and fell back into the hands of the zombie-faced woman.

"I haven't finished reading..."

Yang Xu was puzzled.

The zombie face coldly put away the cheats, looking down at Yang Xu coldly, said indifferently:

"Time is up, you practice."

Yang Xu suddenly raised an ominous hunch, and Yang Fei's eerie words came to his mind:

"Do you believe it or not, do you believe it or not, this time the hall test, you will never pass."

Frowning, Yang Xu tentatively said:

"Several elders, only ten seconds past, I didn't remember anything at all."

"Did you remember anything? That's your business!"

The middle-aged man sneered:

"Ten seconds is not enough for you to remember? My Ling Yunzong students are all dragons and phoenixes, of course, high standards are required for assessment!"

He sneered:

"If you are allowed to practice martial arts and spend all day or even days like those mediocres, what better than that? Wouldn't it be possible to accept a few people under the mountain as disciples?"

"You are deliberately making things difficult!"

"What qualifications do you have for me to make things difficult? This is my rule for Ling Yunzong! Do you want to participate in the hall test? If you don't, just leave, and there will be a lot of people waiting in line!"

The zombie-faced woman waved her hand like a wild dog.

The guards next to him couldn't help but smirk.

Change to other teenagers, I'm afraid it would have gone away.

Instead, Yang Xu calmed down.

"Okay, I practice!"

His fists twitched into blue muscles.


Extreme anger!

No matter how stupid a person knows, he is deliberately troubled.

Someone must do something!

It's Yang Fei!

The mother and son must done something and deliberately causing trouble to make me eliminated!

Even Yang Xu, who is a second-generation man, couldn't help but be angry at this moment:

The other party was so blatant and used such tricks to make him difficult.

Only ten seconds later, the moves on the rare book are densely packed, and the average person can only turn it around briefly. How can it be practiced?

Not to mention Yang Xu, even those young genius, I'm afraid they can't do it.

Forced by anger, Yang Xu barely practiced 3 moves under the cold and critical eyes of middle-aged men and women.

But the movement is crooked 7 8 twisted, very non-standard.

Middle-aged men and women sneered.

The man coldly announced:

"Yang Xu, the hall tester, failed! Dismissed from the great hall!"

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