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Limitless Achievment


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The System the same old story heroes and villains being chosen for generations as long as history has been recorded villains and heroes will rise and the system to help them. After years of the system doing the same thing rise and fall the system created the lineage for having a champion it is known as "The King's Banquet", in if you survive you can have as much fun as you can be a villian a hero or a grey hero. The chosen champion if they succeed they can forcibly choose the sucessor even centuries after death. The last Champion for obvious reason's decided there should be a safety net for the future successors so he added the luck attribute. It prevents you from dying but at the consequence of your abilities, youth, strength, mind, or even powers. As a form of the System's retaliation the system for all who use it especially the champions all missions more difficult so as they arise the people who used the system became both weaker and stronger. We start of with a young man (a coward) hearing the myths and legends of heroes and villains in amazement and bliss to something he could not obtain. He wonders and brings the connection between the system (something he was not familiar with but had heard of on a few occasions) and the heroes and by sheer chance is offered a choice "Would You Like To Take Part In The System's Entertainment?" The young man a complete coward, stares at the screen thinking the correlation caused this but fears of the possibility of training and hardships he may have to face but a missed opportunity if he let's it slip he had no idea what to do so he sits there waiting for inspiration, someone to make the choice for him or a sign at the very least. No sign comes he stares at the screen awkwardly, in a latch ditch decision he chooses yes. He is offered with multiple choices and for the System's amusement many classes are locked and as little information as possible is given which are brokenly quoted from the master of their classes. As a form of a safety net after reading the description of knight he decides to choose it but an error arises and he is no longer given a choice. But out of help the last champion overrides the system in a latch ditch effort and gives him the chance to be a drunkyard else he would not been given a class and would of been given an impossible task. P.S.:The System has a dark sense of humor and likes to play what would be considered cruel jokes in human terms but the system knows of no such thing.


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