Limbo, Vol.1-Vol.3Limbo, Vol.1-Vol.3

Limbo, Vol.1-Vol.3

by Reikito

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On the day of his graduation, Hiro's family was brutally murdered. His mother, father, sister, and brother-- all massacred in front of him. Hiro was helpless. However, two months before the night of the attack, it all came down to a deep grudge against a sibling, a fatal mistake made from jealousy, and the longing for a magical ability. (Arc 0) In a world where the peace that people sacrificed their lives to protect is built on numerous lies and assassinations, a world where magic exists within each and every person, and a world where the line between right and wrong and good and evil becomes more blurred each and every day, the citizens of Luncia live obliviously to the dark secrets of the country. (Main Description) Arcs 1 and 2 currently in the works~ Keep up with story updates on my Instagram, at reikito.art!

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