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Lilith Black


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Mia Black - code name Lilith. A demon looking for revenge. The only things keeping her alive is revenge and her little sister. She became a secret agent by the age of 9, earlier then when she was supposed to just for revenge. The name Lilith is widely spread among the high ranking military and political members, Mafias and terrorists. Lucifer is a loner, estranged from everyone around him but his sister. He is the youngest Major General at a age of 18. Lucifer was starting to get bored of the same old military missions, so when he meets Lilith, his sister’s savior, he very was interested. That interest became something else. Something different Otherworldly Something so wonderful. • I WILL BE USING HER CODE NAME MORE BUT SHE WOULD STILL BE KNOWN AS MIA. • In her memories of her parents, she would mostly be called Mia Extract Lilith got into her room at midnight as she just came from a mission. She turned around and closed her door, just then she felt someone behind her, she turned around only to be hugged by slim but bulky body. She looked up only to be kissed. After the kiss her eyes opened and smile appeared on her face, knowing full well who it was. It was Lucifer, her beloved who was supposed to be on his military mission. “ Happy birthday, Mia…… “ Lucifer said with is deep warm voice. That was when she remembered it was her birthday, her first birthday which they will celebrate together. She was so happy as no one has every celebrated my birthday other than Ava every since 3 years ago. Now she has Ava, Emma and Lucifer. That was all she wants. “ Thanks, Lucifer. “ Lilith said as she walked to her closet and took out her pjs . She went to her bathroom and showered leaving Lucifer to keep looking at her childhood photos. Lucifer kept thinking of some new ideas for her birthday as he saw her parent’s photos.