1 Tomorrow

After twelve years of my… oh, it's tomorrow! My birthday's not coming so I was still eleven years old. Aah, I really hoped to wear that sailor uniform next year. It's so cute, I finally got some spirit for school. I studied very hard and yet…

"Interesting human's child… or should I say weird? You dead, and thinking about uniform? This is where you should cry with, 'This is not fair! I don't wanna die…!' or something, right?"

Probably… because deep down in my heart, I knew. Sooner or later, Okaasama would be the death of me. Literally.

The first memory I had, was a dirty slum and days full of hunger. Then, it was an orphanage. Better than slum. I needed not to worry, like when I slept and woke up in the middle of human auction.

"I don't know what time in which world you'll be reincarnated, but I'll give you a present. What do you want?"

"Reincarna… then, Kamisama, could I keep my past memories?" I asked.

"That horrible life?"

This Kamisama is so rude. Well, that was indeed horrible. But… not all of it.

"Who could guarantee my next life isn't more horrible? If…, at least I want to remember, I ever had friends, siblings… and my (foster) parents." So pessimistic. Hah, it's pathetic. But, you should know, the more you hope the more you hurt.

That face didn't look like pitying me. Not cold, but I couldn't feel any compassion in those eyes either. Probably Kamisama could read my mind, so I let you know, in that 'horrible life' I felt no regret. For me, even those memories were a treasure in my own way.

"It's not something I could give, but something that I can choose not to take. Okay, no problem. Then, what do you want? I can give you power, like magic… not every world has magic, you know? Hm, or knowledge? Or… ah, you're a girl! You want beauty… a goddess class, maybe?"

Beauty, huh? If my parents have average looks, my mother would be accused, would she not?

Knowledge… I could study by my own.

Magic… convenient. But, if it's the world without magic like in my previous life, then I'd be a freak, right? Urghh! Nooo! Even if I don't like much interaction with people, it's gonna be hard if I couldn't make any friend.

How about…

"Magic tool? Ah… what's the name again?? I forgot. It's a cloak? A robe? Magic tool that could make one invisible in Harry Potter! Ahh, I wonder if I could find the last volume in my next life. Our library didn't have it, so I had yet read the book."

Dumbfounded. Kamisama listened to my blabbering with wry smile.

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