You'll see that this is by far complicated. My name is Ariel and I'm 20 years old. Up to now, my life's taken a turn for the worse. I trafficked, I robbed and I murdered people. I'm about to tell you how everything started.

Long time ago, there was a boy whose mother died in childbirth. After his mother's death, fortunately for him, he was under the guardianship of both his sweet older sister and his father who loved him immensely. And well, that boy was me. From that moment, things started to go wrong.

In my childhood days, my father, an incompetent accountant, had a long period of bad luck. He tried to run small businesses but they always went bankrupt. Every failure hurt him even more, and by the time I was 10, he got addicted to alcohol. My first visit to a hospital happened when I was 11. He used to blame me for everything wrong that happened in his life. Maybe, he was right but even after he got a job, nothing really changed. In fact, I'd say everything was evolving.

My sister was in charge of my upbringing. She was my legal guardian since I turned 12. All thanks to a friend of her who was a public prosecutor and helped her to get my guardianship. She was constantly protecting me against my father. She also paid for my education as that man spent his earnings in buying alcohol as soon as he arrived from work. For that reason, he could never afford a house for my sister and me.

My sister was the sweetest person in the world and I loved her with innocence, but one day during vacations, the situation just hit the bottom and I remember it perfectly.

My 4th year of primary school had ended and my school holidays started. I was reading comics in my room when suddenly a rumbling noise of someone tossing stuff took my attention away. The heavy footsteps of my father resounded all over the floor coming to my direction. I tried to hide under my bed, but that didn't work because my father found me and without ever knowing the reason, he began to beat me fiercely up. In-present day, I'm still thinking he was trying to kill me. Of course, my sister rushed immediately to save me from the severe beating my father was giving me and without thinking it twice; she ran up to him to give me time to grab a backpack and ran away.

I got up disoriented and rushed to the door where for some reason I stopped at, maybe I was scared of not knowing what it'll come after that. My soul was yelling, "Run, run and don't turn back", but the fear and the confusion didn't allow me to and in the blink of an eye, I ignored my instints and didn't turn around. That moment has been etched in my mind all my life.

When I turned around a very last time, I saw my sister being raped and strangled by my father. I did want to help her but she saw me and with a sad glance, she begged me for not to stop, to run away from that monster, not to come back for her, so I just did. I ran nonstop until I was worn out and when I couldn't move forward, I just walked.

I didn't stop for almost fifteen days and I only stopped by to eat something or find a restroom. One day, I arrived in a city on the beach where somehow I ended up in a bar ran by a band of motorcyclers.

I was almost desesperate to come into the local that I'd just rested on the wall where I fell asleep. Later, someone noticed me and then I felt how a person shook me by my shoulders.

"What you doing here kiddo?" a panchy, big man alongside the rest of the bar who'd come closer to see me. "What 'bout your mom?"

"I have no mom, sir." I answered.

"Where do you live son? We'll take you home." a man announced whilst he looked deep into my eyes.

"Please, don't take me home sir. I can't come back." I begged almost sobbing.

"You have no choice, you squirt"

The man grabbed my hand, dragged me with him until another man intervined, and pointed at my arm.

Then, that paunchy man stopped and observed the hopelessness on my face.

"Take off that shirt son" he asked and I obeyed.

The face of the paunchy man changed quickly into amazement and pity when he saw the bruises and wounds all over my body.

"I don't wanna go home." I begged.

"Alright kiddo, but you have to earn a place in here, you get it?" he claimed seriously.

Fortunately, Beck had put all my documents inside the backpack I grabbed and an adoptation certificate signed by her and my father's fake signature.

From that day on, I worked in that local and in exchange, the band was taking care of me. All members paid my studies until I finished high school and from that point, everything started.