1 Lights out...


"Another light will be out. I'm getting bored doing this everyday" I took a candle from the floating candles around me and looked at it.

"Hmmm. It seems this man had an accident. Well I have nothing to do with that. Sorry young man but I its your time" 

"Lights out"

"Goddess Eine" A lady called my name from the back and it was one of my followers Sai.

"I'm sorry for interrupting but your Father God Effin is here" I was shocked as she spoke my father's name. He hasn't come to visit me for years. 

I hurriedly followed Sai and there he is standing at the hallway looking at some of our family. 

"Father." I called and bowed my head.

"Eine..." He softly spoke and looked down to the floor.

"Y-your... *Sigh* your Mother just died last night... And your Brother has been missing" 

What?!? How did that happen? I haven't even put out my Mother's candle. How did that happen?

"Why do you seem shocked? I went here to ask you why Eine? Why?" I can see my Fathers eyes with hatred but it wasn't me. I know that it is my job as a God that takes care of everyone's life but how did that even happen?

"EINE! ANSWER ME WHY?!?!" I was back to my senses as my father holded my shoulders tightly and spoke with a loud voice. His voice echoed through the hallway.

My tears are dripping and I'm getting confused. What did I do wrong? How did not I know about my Mother's death? W-Who did thi- ... Brother? No... It can't be true.

"EINE!" My Father is now holding me tighter.

"F-Father I had nothing to do with this. I- I don't even know how that will be possible. I haven't seen Mom's candle to be lit. How can she be dead?!?" I am now crying for the pain I feel from my Father's hands.

"THIS IS YOUR JOB! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS INCHARGE OF THIS KIND OF THINGS AND NOW YOUR TELLING ME THAT IT IS NOT YOU?!?!?" All of a sudden I felt a great pain on my cheeks. As my Father slapped me all of the sudden. 

"YOU ARE NO LONGER MY DAUGHTER!" He's face is full of anger and with a broken heart. I can truly tell that my Mom is dead with His actions but how?

"F-Father... Please... I didn't do it. I promise I haven't lit Mom's candle. I swear" I beg.


"AHH!" I shouted in pain as I fell onto the ground.

"Father..." I said as the doors closed.

"Goddess Eine!" I saw Sai running towards me worried. 

I have to go to the Candle room and look for my Mother's Candle. I have to know what happened... I have to know where my Brother is and why has he been missing? Was he the one behind this? But how? Am so confused my brain is aching. I am so tired.






Someone is whispering my name but somehow I couldn't find where she is. I can't even tell who is the owner of the voice. It's kinda not clear.

"Eine" Once more it called my name.

"Hello? Who are you?" I keep turning around to see if the one calling me is just around but all I can see is white light.

I stepped one foot in front then the voice became clear.

"My child... Eine"

"Mother?" I can assure that it's her but I don't know where she is.

"Eine.. You have to know something" She said within the atmosphere. I still don't know where she is.

"What is it Mother? Please tell me. What happened? Why did you suddenly die? Please... Please" Now I'm crying even though I can only hear her voice.


"Goddess Eine" I was awoken from my dream as Sai woke me up. So it was a dream.

"AH!" my reaction as I felt my body aching.

"Why did you wake me up?" I ask Sai.

"Goddess Eine you were sleeping but then you suddenly cried and kept saying 'Mother' I got worried and scared so I woke you up. Please forgive me Goddess Eine"  .She is telling the truth I can see it in her eyes.

"Uhmm Sai can I trust you?" I asked. I need someone who can help me go into the Candle Room and find out what happened.

"Yes. Of course Goddess Eine. I am your follower" She said as she bows her head.

"I need you to help me get inside my palace so that I can go to the Candle room and find out what happened"

"But your Goddess wouldn't that bring us to great danger?" I can see that she is afraid but I have no choice. She is the only thing I have right now yet I do have a power but I couldn't just use it I might be recognized as a rebel.

"Please Sai. You are all I have right now. Please help me" I begged but she's just standing there and thinking so I decided to lay on my knees and beg. She was shocked for a moment but finally decided to help me.

"Your Goddess the guards change shifts at dawn and that may be the right time for you to somehow get in the palace. I will try to distract some of the guards but please do be careful"

"I will. After I get in you can do what you have to do. I will go here as I find the answers I needed" 

Sai just nodded as I told the plan. It is kinda getting dark now and I need to have energy for tomorrow. I know that something is up and I wanna know why my brother disappeared. 

As the night sky showed I took a bit of rest.

With the candles of every person I can tell whether where they may be. If I'll be able to track my Brother I may have be able to have more answers to my questions

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