1 New school, new me[Chapter 1: Part 1]

Kaya looked out the window at the white school that her mother's car just pulled up to. "Do I have to go?" She whined glaring out the window slightly. "Yes, yes you do." Her mother put her foot down, "I don't see why you're so against it, you might even find your soulmate." The mention of her soulmate made Kaya glance down at the soulmark printed on her left breast. She then huffed, "not like I'm actually going to meet them." Ariel rolled her eyes at her daughter's pessimism. "Oh please." Ariel scoffed, fixing her mirror.

"You're such a drama queen." Ariel's lips quirked up as she saw Kaya's pout in the mirror. "Now out, go make friends." Kaya huffed and climbed out of the car. "Bye sweetheart!" Her mom smiled at her. "Bye Mom," saying bye...finalized it and she didn't know if she liked it. She frowned slightly but walked towards the school building. She had her schedule already and a layout her mother gave her, now she just needed to figure out which way to go.

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She sighed slightly as she roamed the halls going to her advisory classroom, she was not late just yet which was a miracle. She felt just really nervous and jittery almost feeling like she was going to either cry or throw up, she did not like it. She just carried on into the school with a fake bravado, she found her advisory class and knocked on the door. She heard a voice and heels clicking on the pretty marble floors. Then the door was opened by a tall woman with a strict bun and a professional suit. "Ah hello I presume you are the new student, I'm Ms. Adair. Come in and introduce yourself to the class." Ms. Adair said opening the door wider to let Kaya in. Kaya walked in and the class quieted, she felt all their eyes on her but she continued her stride until she got to the front of the class where there was a podium looking thing for the teacher. She took a deep breath and reached for confidence within her. "Hello, I am Kaya Aria. I hope we all can get along." Her tone was a bit friendly but also on the cusp of prickly, then she noticed somebody in the back, who had a black hoodie and was staring at her with steel-blue eyes.

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