3 Caught

Yun Renshu's preparation in his upcoming battle went smoothly like air. Except for an hour of practice every day, his days were spent searching for a morally questionable man.

It was the same today, and again, he didn't have a clue as to where they reside. Maybe they really left? The man gave up for the time being and headed towards Jiang Arena. A week from now, and he will be inside the endless place, attacking and defending. Fighting was something he dislikes.

The Arena only resurfaced memories of the past—good and evil.

"I, the immortal of this plane, shall show mercy to you lowly one!" A roar came from one of the battles, causing Yun Renshu to fly down. Upon closing enough, he made out a familiar appearance. Someone he's usually in charge of. Feng Li.

Renshu attacked from behind and plunged little Feng Li against the cement floor to render him fixed. "I've finally found you." His voice made the young teen cower in fear. Feng Li has been stuck to this senior brother almost always, and he can only say one thing. He hates being with him.

His training commonly involves violent and dangerous tasks such as defeating a massive beast without using his Qi. In Feng Li's case, he isn't allowed to use swords and sharp objects. This practice was the root of his near-death experiences. But thankfully, someone or something always appeared to save him from his misery. It wasn't an excellent fragment to recollect.

"Senior Brother, I'm saved!" He screamed with smiles, plastered on his face. "Really, I've been tortured by Senior Brother Xing then soon left me when other (Daoist) masters confronted him. Ever since I've been repa—"

"Where. Is. Xing. Zishen." Yun enunciated.

"I don't know!!!"

The cold feeling of Renshu's sword against his neck made him gulp. "He's with me."


"I can't say. Or I will break my promise." Feng Li smiled but hid it quickly. He's well aware of Jin Lixing's upbringing—brought up by the role model, Jin Jiyang who's respected like an elder, and seen as a leader.

Jin Lixing slowly let go and patted his and Feng Li's clothes. He pulled Feng away from the ring and said, "In the next few weeks, many of our Hu Tian brothers and sisters will come to watch my fight. Some elders will also come, so I advise you not to act hastily. Remain here in the capital, and nothing will happen to, understand?"

"Elders?" He only hoped the law enforcer elder wouldn't come. Feng Li snorted in disapproval. After taking a step away, he retracted it back and stared at the senior brother. "YOUR fight? Isn't it the second and first prince's battle? Why'd you… Oh, the rumour."

"It's not a rumour." Yun Renshu or his Daoist name, Jin Lixing, confirmed his connection with the royalty of their Yun empire.

Long when Feng Li caused troubles and was assigned close to Jin Lixing, his friends told him about it. 'Jin Jiyang and the toddler's mysterious origins.' It was about fourteen years ago. A child was carried by Successor disciple Jin Jiyang from his experimental training. He was 3 years old and a male, but that was not the focus. Their eyes were laid on the baby's clothes filled with embroideries of dragons, phoenixes, tigers, and a few turtles by the corner. All were woven with gold threads on a violet robe.

His clothes suggested his status, and his status terrified them—even lowering their gazes like the usual mortal etiquette. Luckily, some didn't and witnessed his youth and pureness as his small hands clung to Jin Jiyang's outer robes—his face buried against Jiyang's chest.

Even though it was Jin Jiyang who truly raised him, the whole sect joined in helping the child grow. Their teachings and the sect's upright front was embodied in him. In the end, Jin Lixing was taught using the sect's rules as the basis, since every disciple wished for him to grow up respectable and ethical.

"Then Senior Brother, would you stay in the mortal world if you win?"

Jin Lixing closed his eyes in disappointment. "In order to advance in the path of immortality, it is essential to detach oneself from mortal matters, for soon, you will live past them." Those were his last words before he left. The Hu Tian guest would probably arrive by now based on his calculations.

It isn't wise to ignore guests.

The following days' highlight was on the esteemed cultivators and sects' visit to Yun Capital City. Perhaps pulled by the news of the crown prince or attracted by the Hu Tian sect's sudden movement, they too came to see what's new. The formerly packed markets became even more jammed due to the number of people. The economy has risen again.

Three days before the Second Prince's birthday, red decorations were pulled up. Everything was red, and the noise was never-ending. Xing Xizhen, who sat in one of the inns, furrowed his brows when a couple sat down in front of him and used the same table. They began teasing one another, causing Zishen to squint his eyes in annoyance. 'I see.' He thought to himself. Their idea was clear. Another couple was by the door wearing the same cultural attire as them, glancing at his table's direction. 'You want me to leave, huh? Watch me.'

Zishen ordered additional food and filled the table with delicacies, letting the restaurant owner explain how he prepared them. Some roasted chicken, and fried fish with tomatoes came in next, and he said, "Oh, Ms, and Sir. I'm afraid those seats are reserved for somebody. Would you mind (leaving)?"

'And take that damn PDA out of my sight!!!!!'

The couple looked at him uncomfortable with the attention on their table. "Restaurant owner, you know my brother, right?" Zishen asked, and the owner nodded. The owner knew precisely what Zishen was staging. "Please lead him here, on MY table, and his RESERVED seat, for lunch. Thank you very much."

"No problem, miss."

The couple left quickly and quietly, never to before him.

"Sister, why don't you stay here? I'll tell you who wins when the fight ends."

"Now, don't you call me sister. We're in private now." Xing Zishen replied and walked past the boy. This was a great time to make connections. What does Feng Li know? Maybe the princes are actually acquainted with him?

The chance to see his majesty's face is also a great thing to boast of, so no matter what, Zishen will not skip it. However, Feng Li's words were persistent as he even attacked Xing Zishen to make him tarry. "What is the matter with you, child."

In the end, Xing Zishen carried Feng Li towards the Arena. They stole two seats from weaklings and positioned themselves conveniently. From beside him, Fengli was sweating in nervousness.

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