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Lightning's Attraction


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Pushed between two choices; A dead end and a promising future, Xing Zishen believes that he chose the right thing. Whereas his elders and fellow disciples who know nothing of him, nothing of his past, and nothing of the hole in his heart greatly disapproves. *Sigh "Stick around for now. They'll think I've got you already." === Surprise mixed with anger surfaced on his pale skin as he stared at the man he's known more than ten years. Betrayal, he thought to himself but he's powerless in the face of a demon heart. An adversity that every cultivators must pass at least once in their lifetime. Before his consciousness disappeared, he enunciated with words filled with venom. "My only regret in this life is ever meeting someone like you. For this, I shall make myself your biggest regret, never to leave your memory." *I'll be editing in a few days so some chapters may be changed or extended, thanks for understanding.* *Picture is from Pinterest*


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