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Author here! πŸ€— (shameless plug) This is my second novel after Milady's Fine Gentleman. Unlike the first one which is more plot-driven, Light Years Away is character-driven. That being said, there's no life threatening scenarios and it's more in the internal journeys of the characters. On that note, it inclines on a slow-burn romance also. More than just sweet love and romance, the story tackles resolving issues, past grudges and moving on to a more positivity-filled future and life. Just want to say at this point, I don't think there will be explicit smut in here. Just a little bit teasing. LOL. I know I have more to learn and readers can tell. I know I cannot please everyone, but I welcome constructive criticism. Please feel free to let me know how your humble author can still improve. I'm looking forward to readers' comments. Your support is much needed too. Please let me know once in a while that I'm not alone. LOL. I'm ok with a simple hi in the comments section. Thank you! Love you guys. xoxo


It's just starting but so far it is showing good character developnent. The characters are adorable. Looking forward to more chapters!! πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜


Interesting plot. Not the usual CEO story, more on family ties. The story has only started so the plot is still building up. Came from author's first novel. Fell in love with the characrers there. πŸ€— expecting same caliber with this story. I will give a review again when the plot thickens. Gambatte author-san!!




I never was able to get into this genre of story, but i found the plot and characters very engaging. Your writing style is interesting and I've yet to find any pace stumping grammatical errors. A great read!


hello Author! Good job! Why? I feel the characters emotion, I'm loving your story and it has a good plot. Keep on writing![img=coins][img=update]


Hi Author! Overall, your story is entertaining and interesting, I love your writing quality so much and that makes it even good, characters are also well intricately design, Great job! Keep writing more :D 'rs' I hope you'll take a look at my story too and a feedback tysm!


This is an interestingly sweet read. A smooth and light read. A goodie! Please keep it up. May the author write more, edit more, learn more, and even earn more.


Good book, the storyline keeps you hooked. It is a romance novel,yet interesting enough to keep you reading despite the many chapters without getting bored.


Awesome story, no complaints. Cute with a lot of fizzy feelings but since I'm not exactly into CEO stories, I can't exactly nitpick with it. But what I can say is that even though I don't like these kinds of stories, I couldn't help but keep reading which speaks in itself of how good the story is. I hope you don't drop it, Author.


There's a lot to like about this book, starting with the relationship between the two main characters, who appear to be friends with a backstory. Loving how subtle the writing is. Yes, may be a "slow burn" but maybe we need a break from something happening the the MCs every dang second. Why can't they just exist and go through normal ***** experiences and why can't we just be okay with that? In conclusion: READ THIS BOOK!!


I love the plot of the story, I was hooked up just reading the sypnosis so it's no wonder that I liked the chapters as well, What I love about this is that the author did a great job telling the readers the every bits of the scenes, I highly recommend!! Ya'll have to read this^^


Well it's no surprise I just can't say no to a romance story, and this one was a good surprise! The setting is pretty good, but what makes this story shine to me is it's characters, that are funny, engaging and well written. Another good point is the very good grammar, with no mistakes, that I took notice of. All in all quite the good read and I advice you to give it a try!


Reading this story, I enjoyed every bits of it. It is worth my time! I hope everyone could read this as well. The Author is amazing in story-telling. Great Plot development and pacing. It is a must-read! 10/10


Well thought out concept and descriptively designed plot, humorous and creative. Characters are sketched out finely. The novel is interesting and intriguing. Good work author!


An interesting premise. The characters are well described and written. Good job on the book. I wish you the best on your book author πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


The relationship's dynamic between the two main characters is some -if not the strongest- point in your novel, author. Being so different yet complementing each other so much; you sure are no rookie when it comes to describing human relationships and interactions. The same goes for character building; you succeeded to make them feel human and authentic. Few sometimes you use apostrophes instead of quotation marks and mix grammatical tenses, but nothing horrid nor anything that makes the work unreadable, (Compared to lots of works on this platform.) It's a cute and engaging story. Not your typical clichΓ© of CEOs and bad boys. You managed to make me feel, stirred? Lol. Good job. Keep on it.


I haven't read your initial work, but I enjoy the pacing of the early writing in this story. The children are accurate in how vicious they can be, unintentionally. While romance-at-the-forefront is not my typical jam, I think the subtlety you provide makes for an easy crossover for readers like myself. Please keep up the good work, author!


I just started to read that novel... The begging is interesting! It looks like the story line is also addictive ;) I will definitely read more.


I love it. The plot is so original. Not the usual "I started working for a CEO and now we are dating. Loving the relationship between two main characters. Definitely a book book worth reading