1 Sacrificial Spirit

"It's good to see you, Rafaela." Kaja, the king of Nazar Guardians greeted me as I entered the gates of Celestial Palace. It is still painful for me as I remembered him again-- I still remembered the day that we descended with Argus to eradicate the evil but ended up that he was consumed by the lust of power.

As I stepped forward to the king, my head became heavier. I don't want Kaja to see my face with heavy eyes on. It will only become more complicated than expected. There was a point that I want to stop my mission only which brought me pain. I am the healing angel that the Land of Dawn needs but who can heal the sorrows that I feel right now.

"Rafaela, I know that losing Argus was very painful to you, but your mission alongside other angels is to restoring the peace." He spoke.

"Everything has its price. If you keep on finding Argus, you will end up nothing. Rafaela, he is now the dark lord of the abyss, searching for war." He clearly explained but as a deaf me, I didn't listen. I rushed as I turned back to him and descended to find Argus.

But when I got there, he is now completely different-- from white and gold turned into green and black. I know to myself that this will bring me to harm but I have to do this. I would not afford to lose him.

"Find the enemies!

That's him--even his voice, he is now very different. Argus, why?

I was about to fly away but-- that was painful! the sword! Not just a sword but the sword where Argus really consumed him.

It hurts a lot behind.

"Let your sword, hear your last words!"

"A-Argus, let me go... It hurts!"

"What if I will wait until you die?"

"No! Argus, don't--!"

I keep on pleading. I was crying right now. That powerful sword which thrusts harder and deeper.

I can't...


I opened my eyes again, seeing Kaja's face the first thing I saw. Not only him but alongside was Uranus, the creation of the Celestial Palace.

"Nazar guardians just found you in the lurking place. I already warn you but--"

My tears start to roll down. I don't know what to do now.

Kaja was right. I should listen to him in the first place. Every time I search for him, it always pays me the price. He was right, there is no use even my Holy Healing won't work on him. Pride swallowed him entirely. Not only that but I don't even recognize him any longer. He is completely a monster, The one who once eradicate the evil now joined the forces of the dark.

Until this day, I can still fulfill my missions in the Land of Dawn--this time only with Kaja and Uranus and the rest of the guardians of Celestial Palace

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