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What is Light Novel X Mangaka

Light Novel X Mangaka is a popular web novel written by the author kuhaku_sora, covering COMEDY, ROMANCE, FEMALELEAD, DAILYLIFE, SCHOOLROMANCE, MODERN, SLICEOFLIFE, WRITER, SPIRITYAWARDSSPRING2021, Teen genres. It's viewed by 34.8K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 66 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 47 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Let me colour your world with these words..." Yuki Leigh, your average teenage girl, has a knack for writing stories. She goes to Japan, together with her best friend, Roxanne. They enrol themselves in the International Japanese School to chase their dreams. Leigh also becomes famous because of her works, making a title of her known as the Queen of Gores or The Lady in Blood. But nobody knows who exactly this “Yuki”-her pen name is since she never reveals her face in public. Those quiet days instantly change when Yuki browses the internet and sees a manga adaptation of her light novel series under the artist name “Nick”, who she assumes is a student going to the same school, and she is right! She refuses anyone to adapt her story, given that these written texts hold something dear inside her heart. It is the only source of happiness Yuki has when she feels alone inside her room. Upon noticing the positive feedback of the manga, Yuki would let Nickson pass this chance only if he transfers a share of his earnings to poverty or charity. That is all Yuki wants to hear. They sit next to each other and not uttering a single word despite being classmates inside the room. Everything is going swimmingly to the two, not until the student council elections show up. They want to claim the prize of “not attending any lecture in class” following their jobs as mangaka and author. Yuki then meets Nickson’s relatives, who are not on good terms. She thinks that joining their affairs would make her and Nickson’s situation worse. But her emotions change when Yuki notices Nickson’s sudden shift of mood during examinations or in meetings. He is neglecting his work in the student council, grabbing the attention of the school and the two former student council officers. Eventually, she helps Nickson in her own way. Because of Yuki’s sudden interruption in his life, Nickson finally takes an interest in this light novel author. There are a lot of things going on as well! The three join a club, family problems, and relationship status they need to work out. The club advisor, Benjamin Tsai, gives the author and the artist tips on creating masterpieces of their works. He also becomes their mentor when they feel stuck in a bottleneck. Benjamin is an avid fan of both Nickson and Yuki, so he knows everything about them, including their styles. Along the way, they meet some friends and make a group together to prepare themselves for the university. If they want to pursue their passion, they need to do well for the upcoming entrance exams. Everything becomes serious and dull, considering they need to plan for their future jobs and roles. Yuki expresses her doubts about becoming a full-pledge light novel author, knowing that it will be a risky job for her to make money. Leigh admits she was lucky enough to win the competition before, but what will she do right now that she is losing her popularity as an author? This novel is a rollercoaster of happiness, sorrow, and other emotions from the characters. Every reader will unravel their stories one volume at a time, while the two, Yuki and Nickson, commit themselves as romantic couples soon. The story doesn’t need to be fast paced or slow since they will encounter problems and solve them one at a time. ______________________________________________ I referenced the characters to the people I know. But keep in mind that I separate their lives and create fictional events on my own. I don’t have any opinions of what the character will do since the story explains everything in the present tense. All of them will have their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Huge thanks to these awesome people who are supporting this book! Especially to @Snowphira. She is the artist/illustrator of this novel. If you want to see Nickson’s illustrations, I will post them inside the first few chapters in the comment section! Cheers, and have a wonderful life, everyone! Book Cover not mine.


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If you like sangatsu no lion, then you will like this. If you read this novel thinking this is about writhing light novels or mangas, you will be disappointed. Because it is so much more. The novel is a character drama, exploring the relationship between the two protagonist and their surroundings. Highly recommended.


The story is good so far! I like how you vividly narrated the story and the development was nice and steady. I love the plotline and it was an enjoyable read! Keep it going until you reach a million views and you will find it pleasing to the eyes. Characters are showed well with various emotions and I can't help but be attached to them. Kudos and your reader here. Peace ✌️


Interesting plot and premise! Hehehe. I enjoy reading especially when I get to experience skillful execution of humor sprinkled here and there. Characters are easy to relate to as well. They seem alive on the pages. Great job author! 👍


Before I got carried away in reading your work let me give this book a 5-star review! Seriously, it's drastically good! I mean like wow! I get overly excited here like a dumb unsophisticated fangirl lol 😂 I have fun, the entertainment is just spot on that I got carried away in here laughing all on my own. I rarely find a good read like this. Not because the other book is badly written, but because they mostly ignore the entertainment factors and humors, flooding it with worldly description. And yours, just have the right element of mixing the world background while giving chance to us readers, to engage with the characters. And I love it! Hope you keep updating for more author! Great job with this!


A great start to a very cool idea. It took me a few pages to get into it, but once I did, I was hooked. It is a down-to-earth dilemma that anyone here can dientify with, and the author handles it well.


absolutely well written story and I love the way story pulls you in. the writing style suits the title. I'm hooked and obsessed and I like the vibe in the theme [img=update][img=coins][img=recommend]


LITERALLY AN NEW IDEA IN THE WORLD OF Ceos and FLASH MARRIAGES OR CHEATING SISTERS BESTFRIENDS. The grammar is superb! The fl is well I have not words to describe her! The background is gud! I hope you will continue writing the story!


An interesting story about an author and artist. I like the spices of humor in the story and the writing quality is great. I can definitely see myself continuing this.


Great beginning! I really love the plot and the way you depict the story. I liked your grammar and selection of words a lot. Thank you for the amazing story author❤️keep writing and you have all our love.


Hello Author! I've read the first 3 chappies of your novel, the concept and plot is new to me. I did not thought that writers/authors can be the main character of a novel. I felt touched and infatuated (xd) when reading your novel. I've read your other novel before, so I'm sure this one will also lit the platform! Happy writing author! !


I love your work and the plot <3 <3 can't wait to see what's gonna happen next ;3 I like how it is properly presented and how your writing style is well versed.


I love how the plot develops. Its like a story in real life. Great to read novels like this, brings back memories of my **** years....☺️ Worth a read!👍


Good job to the author! I love this story's plot idea and can't wait to see what happens next in your future chapters. Your writing style is great; the paragraphs are easy to read, and so far, I don't see any mistakes that bother me. However, I know you can do better with your synopsis to give us a bit more of what we will expect. Nonetheless, the first few chapters are well written with quality, excellent characters, and amazing background.


Nice start! It feels kinda funny how Yuki rushed to bedroom! The story is so immersive! Good job author! Keep it up! Wonder where will this Author Vs Manga Artist end?


Your grammar and writing style are all top-notch! I really love how you depict the story! Good luck with your chapters! [img=recommend] [img=update]


This is one of the best novels I have read out there! Write more chapters, author!![img=recommend] [img=update] [img=recommend] [img=fp][img=recommend] [img=update]


What a wonderful and entertaining work, author! Keep up the good work [img=recommend] [img=update] [img=recommend] [img=update] [img=recommend] [img=update] It's really funny and wholesome~ I will recommend it to my friends~ [img=recommend] [img=update] Good luck with your works, author!


I love the cover as I love the manhua! The story of a writer and a mangaka resonate well with me because before I get serious in writing, I love drawing mangas but, it's all in the past The story is well-develop but, I have a suggestion for you. For a paragraph that seems too long, you could divide them to keep your readers' focus in check Keep it up!


Reveal spoiler


Oooh I really, really love how the story's going so far. As a writer myself, Yuki is such a mood. I also love her relationship with Roxy. I think those characters have been really well made. The overall writing is very smooth and enjoyable to read. In all, it's really amazing and refreshing! Great job author!!!


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