1 Dying isn't fun

It was a regular Autumn night for Allan, after finishing the latest chapter of One Piece he went out for a jog(purely fictional weebs don't do exercise). There were many things on his mind, like 'when is the next chapter coming out?' or 'I wonder if eating ramen for dinner is considered healthy...'.

The park was quite empty this time of day, the shopping district was quite far away from his house and the park was right in between the two, he only started jogging because it took 40 minutes to just walk to the store, this way he got exercise and the groceries at the same time.

He lived alone, working as a freelancer and spending most of his free time reading novels and watching anime, he also played games, but the former two took priority over most of his other hobbies. He had very few friends and he was an orphan.

He always felt that he didn't need much of a family, he was happy as he was now, he worked hard, had his own apartment and spent his free time doing what he loved most.

While running he failed to notice the clouds getting stirred, through the music in his headphones and the sound of his own regulated breath he failed to notice the faint darkness covering the sky...

Rain isn't unusual, but anyone paying attention to these clouds would run for cover, Thunderstorms are not a pleasant thing to catch while away from home with little to no cover.

The thing that brought his attention to the sky was the strong crackle, it shook the headphones off his head. Looking up he could see the biggest storm brewing in the clouds, he had nowhere to hide.

Looking around he realised that he was closer to the shopping district than to his house, So he started sprinting towards it, hoping to find an open store.

As he ran he started to feel the wind speed of the storm, the trees were bending down, bowing to the clouds, what was left of the leaves fell, coating the road in a thick yellowish carpet. It all was going too quickly, there was little time to react as a resounding ---CRACKK--- One of the bigger trees couldn't resist any longer.

And, as luck would have it, it fell right upon Allan, he tried to jump out of the way, but he was too slow. It knocked him down, the size of the tree was too much for him to handle.

So staying there reeling from the impact and screaming while being crushed by the massive tree, he started hearing more and more trees fall, some fell on top of the bigger tree, applying more and more pressure to his lower body, many fell around him, it was already a miracle none fell on top of his head.

Many thoughts were going through his mind, he was panicking and quickly losing hope. Then he heard a lightning bolt, he didn't know which tree it hit, but he could smell something burning.

Slowly the fire spread on the dried-up branches of the trees crushing his body. As the fire reached him the only thing he could do was flail his hands around hoping to escape from it.

But fate had other plans, he felt the fire, the trees surrounding him became akin to a bonfire, with him in the middle, it hadn't started raining yet, but it was already too late. Just like that, the fire slowly ate away at him. Screaming and praying didn't help him.

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