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Klein, a high schooler who has been locking himself in his room ever since he lost his best friend. His mother never bothered pushing him to go to school. Since he had nothing to do, he started writing novels online. He got a lot of 5 stars reviews but somehow his book is never 5 stars! He needs to look for the comment with no 5 stars! He continued writing until his fifth book was published online. Suddenly, a reader of his reaches out to him and wishes him luck with his new book. It was normal to him but when he checked the person’s account, he saw their past comments. Turns out they had commented a lot on his book and he reads every comment written by them. He was shocked to find the person pointing out his mistake and their opinion on his book. Not a full 5 stars review! Never once he felt hurt by review until this person appears. K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant. K.DMed.ME: O.O? And that...is how Klein made his first friend. ~ Warning: Contain(s): slight bl Not so good English triggering topics ~ Criticism are welcome in the comment section!

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"What's up? Why did you two call me here?"

Jamie and Edward saw Klein with his messy hair. Seems like the boy just woke up from a good sleep. Well, they just finished hanging out with their other juniors after their test yesterday and found out Klein wasn't able to hang out with them because he had a busy schedule.

Really they thought he was sleeping but Han said something about him needing to write an essay in about 10k words. If only they knew it was actually Klein doing his job. He needs to release 10k words on his third book that he abandone. His editor already complained about it because that book suddenly become popular.

"Want to hang out a bit? Tomorrow is our last day for the test and after that we will graduate…" Edward said.

"...You two really opened your heart and thought about me when I didn't get to join your little gathering?"

"Shut up." Jamie said and both seniors saw Klein smiling.

Klein brought them to a nearby cafe and bought them cake. The two seniors feel surprised that Klein decided to buy them something. They eat happily and this is the only time they finally get to bond together.

"You know, Klein. I can feel that you're still struggling with what happened to Seong." Jamie stated.

Edward looks at Jamie and Klein before sipping his drink. He's not good at serious talk and he's not the one who brings it up so if anything, he is ready to run away first. Jamie sighs and pat Klein's head. He was sitting next to the boy so it was not awkward.

"Sharing your problem with someone else is not a bad thing, you know. You don't have to go through it by yourself."

Edward held his drink tightly before sighing, this caught Klein and Jamie's attention.

"He's not wrong…Hana also had a problem with her father and when I finally asked her about it…She shared her problem and if you don't know, my parents actually dealt with her problematic parents and adopted her."

"Pretty sketchy if you ask me." Klein said.

Edward hit his head and they became serious again. Klein sighs and his body falls down in a lazy manners.

"I am fine for now, to be honest."

"Keep lying to yourself." Jamie said with a glare.

"I…I am feeling pretty sh*tty, alright? I can't wait to turn eighteen and end everything."

Edward coughs out the drink he's drinking when he hears Klein's words. Jamie tries to translate the words because unlike Edward, he's actually pretty dense. When he finally understood what it means, he was too stunned.

"This is why you don't even try at school? Because you already plan to die?"


"Why? Do you miss him?"


Jamie sighs and Klein sips his drink because he just thought…why the heck did he answer Jamie honestly. Jamie looks at Klein as if he's waiting for Klein to say more but Klein refuses to spill more.

"You know what that means. Why do you want to leave the others then?"


"Answer me. I will not let you go home if you don't-"

"I…don't know! I don't know why I feel like this! I hate Seong! I used to miss him because he was my only friend but now I hate him! Still, I wanted to die…so badly…even though I hate him now…"

Edward awkwardly looked away while Klein slowly cried. Jamie pulls him into a hug and rubs his back. When Klein stops crying, which is pretty fast actually, Jamie let him drink before telling him something.

"Seong must've done a bad thing if you suddenly hated him but, don't let that bother you. For now, forget about Seong, spend more time with others and slowly, bring yourself to study again. Starting next year, focusing on school is better than even thinking about him."

"And work for me after you graduate. You suit a position there." Edward said with a smile.

"What do you want me to do? Make sure the customer pays you or else I will come to their house to haunt them?"


Klein and Jamie sweatdrop at Edward's bluntness but it makes Klein feel a bit better. They finally left the cafe and Klein thanked Jamie before walking home alone. Jamie and Edward waves goodbye to the boy and finally sighs in relief.

"When you said you wanted to ask how Klein is doing all this time, I didn't know it would be this serious…"

"Yeah, these situations makes me talk a lot than usual...but I am glad that I get to help him before my graduation. Not only him…I finished talking with all of our juniors. Woo Young, who actually had a family problem…she's fine though since she had Klein to help her that time."

"Everyone had their own problem…huh?"

Jamie patted Edward's shoulder and they sat down nearby.

"Hm…well, nobody is perfect they said. Han told me he has been insecure about how he looks because his relatives always talk about how skinny he is….Ray, the new boy, told me that Klein saved his life when he was about to end it because he was under a lot of pressure…Also, your girlfriend."

"She talks to you too?"

Jamie nods and shows him a picture of a document.

"I did help your parents a little so that they successfully adopt Hana."

"...Thanks, man."

Jamie looked up at the stars that night. He remembers how they all looked…they were so relieved that they opened up to their seniors and Jamie felt proud about what he had done. Edward looks at the guy before chuckling.

"You're so cool. Well, I guess the only one who's not having any problem is probably Louis?"

"...Louis is in love with Klein."

"...Okay, you know too much."

"Well, I told him, it's fine if he doesn't want to give up on loving that boy but he should focus more on himself first. When he's successful, maybe then he can focus on it again because it's obvious Klein is actually thinking about it but not too focused about it now."

Edward is pretty surprised but he hoped for the best for his junior. He didn't know a top student like Louis would fall in love with someone. Because the top student he knew…didn't really care about love. (Example, Jamie.)

"Now I know the twins don't have a chance at all."

"Don't worry, those twins just wanted to love someone. They told me that they will change their crush when they find someone better than Louis."

The fact that Jamie even talked with the twins is pretty concerning. But what's more concerning is the fact that the twins are sure that they will change their crush in the future. Glad that he's going to stop seeing those twins after graduation.

"So now, what about you? We're about to graduate. Let's confess some stuff before parting our ways."

"I have no problem other than people looking down on me because I am a delinquent. But it doesn't bother me. You?"

"...I just have a troublesome mother. But I will be fine. My hope has been restored by the woman from the fortune telling place."

They both chuckled and went back to their own home. Klein, who's already home, went to his cabinet and looked through everything. He reaches out for some of the books and throw it in a box.

'Here, Klein! I don't need these books anymore! You can use it for studies!'

He then went to his table and saw the keychain, his glasses and also the watch that he just started using.

'I got you a cat keychain! There's my name on the cat to show that I gave you that!'

'Your glasses are a bit out of trend. Let's go get you the trendy one later.'

'Happy Birthday Klein! Here, let's have a matching watch! I ask them to put your name on yours and my name on mine! See! It spells Seong with a cool font!'

He put them all in the box and finally contacted Louis.

"Hey…Louis. Seong used to give me a lot of stuff…can you take them?"

"Of course. I will be there to take it."

"Thank you…"



Jamie: Come on, you can still video call me.

Edward: And you can see me when you're visiting Hana. Tone down a bit.

Han: Dude! You two don't even feel sad!!!

Louis: ...Okay, you two. Let them go-

Both: NO!

Ah, I am gonna missed them. WHy did I made them a third year? (*°▽°*)

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