Life of a Vampire Pet Book

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Life of a Vampire Pet


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In a world where Vampires rule over everything. Any human born is immediately sent to an orphanage until they are of age to be sent off to their destiny. Humans are all divided into one of 5 categories: * Servants/Breeders * Slaves * Blood Slaves * Sex Slaves * Pets Servants and Breeders are never used for blood. They are cooks, maids, butlers, drivers, nannies, etc. They start work at 16, but only become actual breeders when they turn 18. After that, the women are required to produce one child every other year. Slaves are men only. They are usually not used for blood. They do things like manual labor, building homes, tending to gardens, mostly outside work. They start working at age 16. Blood Slaves are used only for blood donations. They usually stay to weak to do any form of work. They start at age 16. Sex Slaves are used mainly for sex. They can be bitten as well. They start work at age 18. Pets are generally treated the best. They are never punished with a whip because owners don't want their pets bodies scarred. But they can get spanked with a belt. They are mostly meant to be a companion to a lonely Vampire. Or a family pet. They are sent to live in Pet Shops at 16, but can also be taken from the orphanage early if a Vampire wants to train their own pet. The King of all Vampires, King Roman Black is 1,200 years old, but doesn't look a day over 25. Everything in his life was great until recently his mate of 800 years was killed in a war. Now he's decided to buy a pet for companionship, as he is lonely without his mate. He decides he wants to train her himself, and finds himself in an orphanage looking for the perfect pet. That's when he finds the adorable 10 year old little girl named Journey. And she will take him on a never ending journey in Life of a Pet. This is not your average Vampire Romance. This book is mainly based on King Roman and his pet Journey. But there are three other pets, that each have their own individual story to be told.


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