1 Prologue

Elena laid on her bed waiting for the ticking to stop but it seemed to continue on forever, the silhouette of a man stands in the once vacant door way, he signals her it's time. She let a tear roll down naturally tan skin, with a deep breath she left the comfort of a place that held all of her memories. In two months her life has changed being wedded off to a complete stranger, she had put up quite the struggle but in the end, it was all in vain.

Her parents got their way as usual she was no longer the weird, twenty year old with a teenage personality but the wife of a business man, an elite. She had to hold her head up walking in a room funded with judgement when she rather blend in with the crowd; her sweats, yoga and loose pants were traded in for skinny jeans and fitted dresses. Oh how she despise the life of riches yet what kind of person will she be if she ran away instead of 'woman up'.

Her eyes shone with unshed tears, mind heavy with unlived dreams and throat constricted with unsaid words. As the beautiful house gets smaller reality hit her like a loaded truck, this was it her old night of watching teen wolf in oversized sweater and socks were over it was onto smiling, looking good for the flashing cameras and being a good wife. The car ride was silent nobody dared to say a word to their boss's new wife, afraid that she'll be one of those uptight women. Tears turned into a waterfall but as usual no one saw the rainfall from those hazel eyes, dyed platinum blonde hair shield her face from view, music pound in her ears from ear buds.

Elena sighed when their driver signal they're close, an air strip came into view the most heartbreaking part of this experience wasn't moving from her home but from her birth country. The car stopped and everyone vacate the vehicle into the awaiting jet. Flight was like second nature for the young woman, what adventurer won't like the flight of a new beginning. Smile turned to a frown when these thought explore her mind. The young lady was said to be optimistic yet at this very moment there was no cheerful side only a dark, bleak nothingness.

"Ma'am it'll be a long flight do want water or anything?"

Her head shook in refusal but her body begged for something to digest, since the wedding she hasn't eaten properly. Why do I punish myself for something that wasn't of my own account? But this thought was just a swirl of wind fading along with her life. Anger didn't emerge it was something she lacked at the moment; the valour to speak her mind freely because the outcome of such actions frequently end with punishment. Eyes marvel at the painted clouds beyond her reach, if only I could reach out and touch them maybe I'll be closer to the stars, Elena Frances was a dreamer, adventurer, quiet but bold who was Elena Montgomery she was yet to find out. When she slipped into an unwanted sleep everyone relaxed.

They released a breath of relief, body guards and butler loosen their ties slouching. Their boss was a strict man who didn't like imperfections when they heard he was marrying an obsolete nobody (in the eyes of society of course) it was a bucket of ice water on everyone. They had caught glimpses of the platinum blonde, everyone realise why she was chosen as his bride, she was flawless and the flaws she had were covered up. Her small form stirred but didn't wake.

"What do you guys think?" The butler asked eyes glued on Elena.

"Kale, really?" A dark haired guard asked.

"Yes Demetry " he looked at his four campions, "what do you think of the new miss?"

"She's not what I expected" Carlos head of the guards grunted out.

"I agree with Carlos" Frederick had his eyes closed.

"She's.......different" Edward eyes were on his phone.

"What about you Demetry?" The older man raised an eyebrow.

"She's different an also not what I expected but lets give her two weeks to settle in this life you'll see she'll turn out to be like the rest"

Little did Demetry know the young woman was anything but, made for spotlight and big city. New York was surely going to be a new chapter in a different book of her life because this wasn't how she was suppose to end up, married at twenty to a man she loathed, no job, no place of her own and no sense of safety. The long hours of a plane ride has never been so agonizing for Elena each distance the plane closed in seemed the closer she got to a heart attack. Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like infinity since the pilot said to prepare for landing. Her mind and heart urged her to run as far as she can, as fast as she can get away but even standing on once strong legs felt impossible.

When the plane landed everyone walked off but an invisible force kept her glued to the seat, her heart beat picked up seeing the bright light of New York city, her breathing came out in pants.

"Are you okay miss?" Frederick asked nodding she stood up but only managed to get two steps in before fainting.

"Shit" the young man whisper under his breath hosling Elena into his arms, "guys we have a problem"

When his unsure voice reached the awaiting men there was no room for second thoughts as they ran into the jet not expecting the sight before them. Elena's limp body was in Fredericks arms as he looked panicked. Kale felt for her pulse and a look of relief washed over his features.

"She just fell unconcuious" the men let out a breath they didn't know were trapped in their lungs.

They moved Elena to the car grabbing her stuff and began the ride back to their job. Kale fanned the young lady causally shaking her body, they were close to their boss place of work and worry set in. Groaning was heard when they neared the build, never in life have they loved Elena than at this moment. Her hand flew to her head as she tried to piece together the puzzle in her brain but the men was still tense as they parked near the sidewalk and Micah entered. Elena spared no a glance at her husband instead mouthed a thank you to Frederick who was stunned to say the least.

"How was your trip" his question sounded like a command.

"It was fine" her voice was an iceberg taking everyone excepting her husband off guard.

He had expected this much from her after all she hated him and he couldn't care the least about her but acted like it. Their marriage allowed him to get new high classes clients and businesses to join in on his own. She had helped run her father company to become on of the best; their marriage was only a business deal to him nothing more. Her hand on her head nor her closed eyes when unnoticed.

"Details" he turn to his guards.

"There were no interruption sir it just that, well sir. Your wife fainted" Demetry said and trust me when I say he was ecstatic that looks couldn't kill otherwise Elena would've been lock up for murder.

"Is that true Elena?" She only shrugged her shoulder, "Elena you can talk can't you? Use your words" it sounded as though he was talking to an illerate person.

"You really want me to use my words because there's a lot I can say, dear husband" she spat the word in utter distaste.

"Why do you feel the need to test my patience?" His index finger and thumb rubbed circles into his temple trying to calm the incoming headache.

He only received a glare and nothing more, if she would just act like a good wife this marriage could go a lot smoother he had met the woman once before his proposal and she was just stubborn as she is now, he always saw her as being rebellious. The car was thick with tension but the blonde had not a care in the world once her headset was pounding music into her ears, this was her freedom, escape from this life, it was music.

This is how her adventure started, this marriage was the cause of her secret life.