1 Chapter 1 (The first day of high school)

Hey my name is Todoroki Sato and I go to Horikoshi High School in Japan.

Well let me give you guys a picture of what my life used to be games and anime. That's it that was my life but now I want to change and have a normal high school life.

but it's gonna be hard cause I'm as you would have guessed an Introvert and I'm in the same school cause we have both middle and high school and I came to know about this today morning when I asked my mom that were am I going to high school . Ya I felt pretty dumb 😑 .


8:30 am

alarm ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

fuck I'm late I rushed getting ready and took my breakfast with me .

Minato said you suck being late for the first day.

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I made a face and ran and he is my big brother and he is the opposite of me.

He is good looking famous with the girls and have a lot of friends and I'm ma freaking lonar and he is really mean to me.

He also goes to the same school as me if you are wondering how will he go then the has his own bike so he won't be late.