To all this that we call life.

We don't all have a life full of roses.

Not a life full of colors.

Such a simple life, like black and white.

A life with days that can become clear as when it is daytime and it is so sunny🌞and others as dark as night when the moon arrives .🌑.

"Life" such a short word but with a lot of meaning.

One word, four letters. Simple and so easy to pronounce.

That we have gotten used to letting ourselves be carried away by her as if we were air in passing.

Being able to be prisoners of our own ship, managing our own sail ⛵️.

Life is not how we all expect it to be.

It is not so perfect for some.

Some of us don't get carried away by that passing air.

If we do, it pushes us and we fall.

We have to fight against life, without having a sword ⚔️ or a shield🛡. Fight with cold blood and try to overcome what life put us on the way, and try to change our destiny✨

If you beat it, you win 🏆and if you haven't, you will have stayed in the attempt .🧚🏻‍♀️

But you should never think that you failed because thanks to that struggle you became the being you are now.❤️

So you can shout to the world 🌍 your victory.✌️

Raise your hands up without having a trophy.