1 Prologue

[ Author's Note: Hello Guys! This is my first fanfic; If you are reading this thank you so much for taking interest in my work. English is not my native language and I would gladly accept grammatical error comments. Please just don't use profanity. Again, Thank you and enjoy.]

' Who am I? What is this place? What happened? Why is everything dark in this place? '

Suddenly then I started to remember things

My name is Sarthak Patidar, I am 17 years old. A simple graduate from school and currently preparing for the engineering entrance exam. I live in a small town in India with my family. My exams are just around the corner i.e. 15 days after and my preparations are not so good. I always make a promise to study wholeheartedly from now on but meh who cares it just the same as old. I just watch anime movies; read manga; use insta.

Today was no exception I was laying on my bed first praying to extend or cancel date of exam one time just one time (A/N hey I mean who likes exam) After that just trying to imagine being in one piece world with Rinnegan powers with complete knowledge of all Jutsu roaming in different sea duelling with Mihawk and throwing a party with shanks and just enjoying life. I was just about to sleep but...

I don't remember anything after that then I just looked around

'Am I dreaming ?' There was the perfect environment around me River was flowing with very clean was water giving very pleasant sound, there were grasslands all around with sakura trees arranged by some kind of pattern and its petals were flying around by very slow breeze, the weather was like a cloudy day but a little bright, there was no source of light, all in all, it's the best to place one can ask for which can calm any anyone.

'Where It doesn't feel like a dream'

" Certainly not a child !! And You are currently at Gods domain....!!" said a person behind me with very polite voice. I then turned around and see who he is. What I saw that there was a man with the well-toned body with finely trimmed his hair was long and tied and he was wearing clothes of a monk.

".....ahm Who are you? and you said Gods place ? are you crazy or something I mean are sure you didn't eat some wrong things like .." Before I could speak more he interrupted me

"No Child! I am completely sane and healthy and I didn't eat anything wrong that you are thinking about. Oh!! My name is 'Nandi' And I am a messenger from one of the gods and you are surely in one of the gods domain"


" You don't seem to understand Child!! Let me explain it to you. There is one supreme God who is above all things who created an infinite world and civilization He has several children known as gods who watch over several worlds but they are bored so someone proposed the idea that why not reincarnate any person from currently destroyed World to any known world that he/she knows and every god can take only one person and observe them but no two reincarnated can be in the same world but can be on parallel world and if god likes you then you may be reincarnated into another world. And you are one of that person"

It took me some time to digest so much information I mean it hard to take it that I died and isekaied ...wait 'chosen from destroyed world'

" Sir Nandi, you said that my world destroyed but how? What about my family and friends ?? Will they be also reincarnated ?? Will, I am not able to meet any of them ?" I freaked

"Clam down Child !! Destroying World is a godly matter I am not informed about it and I am just a messenger who carries god's information to a given target. And as for your family and friends that also I don't know. It depends on luck that you are chosen to be reincarnated or not, and you can't meet them"

"....." I was silent. Those words stuck to like an arrow, I was thinking about my parents and friends, my time spent with them, good and bad memories. I didn't even get to say goodbye, thank you or also sorry to them who had helped me every corner of my life and what I did to thank them waste my time on entertainment utterly pathetic. Tears were coming out of life non-stop without stopping.

"Well, I'll give you your time to mourn about your life when you are ready I am just meditating here. "

He then sat in the lotus position and started meditating.

After some time, I came in terms with my current situation (not completely) and thought it's now to move on and never make mistake like previous life in my next life that I am about to be given. I then approached Mr Nandi' He slowly opened his eyes and stood up with a gentle smile.

"It took you long enough. Well back to business, let me tell you the process, First you have to choose a world you would reincarnate in.

second, choose two powers given in the two lists one from the same world and others from your second Favourite world each.

third, you can ask any request for the world about you which can not give you any kind of power boost you and cannot bring change in the world.

That will be all and you will retain your memory of your previous life and you will born at the random timeline as it is uncertain and your powers will be given to you by some belieable method to some extent "

After thinking about some time I decided to go to Naruto World as it was my favourite anime. After getting the nod from Mr Nandi he showed me a second list which I thought to be so first(of another world). And obviateking the at the list I was both shocked and happy at the same time. That list was of one piece world which was containing ...

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