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The reason why I gave 5 Star rating, perhaps because, I encountered way lot of 2nd and 3rd rate Isekaai Web Novel. This Novel Isn't bad, I could say It has potential. The plot progress at a decent pace. The main character is not the same old generic MC from a regular Isekai trope. He is not an Otaku, Wooh! Yep, he is not one. MC is your regular senior high school student who is about to take a college exam. But fate brings him way a lot more. His characterization inside the story fitted the description of a "normal person". Which is pretty much refreshing. I'll tell you this. I've read way lot of Isekai trope with wanna-be 'Normal Person' MC. Only in this novel, I saw a reaction of a person fitted to be "normal." Unlike any of those, I've read thus far. The MC here is way more much better than those guys. Well, I can't judge this novel as a whole given the few numbers of the chapter, nevertheless, It has potential. Congratulation author for doing a Good Job. I hope you can keep it up. 👍


So I’m currently 40 chapters into the story. I initially started this webnovel because I saw it under the “Potential Starters” section and tapped on it on accident. Quick notes on rating Writing Quality: 4/5 on writing quality, the only reason i put this is because there are some awkward sentences. However this is near the first 10 chapters and it doesn’t really affect the readability of the novel. Stability of Updating: 5/5 Story Development: 5/5 Do not sleep on the potential of this novel so far. The intro is a bit slow and generic, but once MC gets isekai(ed) the story dramatically picks up. I would say the pacing of the novel is excellent. However powerscaling might seem like an issue. Idk yet, not that far in. Character Design: 5/5 I love the MC. He’s not cocky, he’s not crazy, he’s not stupid, and he’s very human. I’ve enjoyed every character that’s been introduced so far, there’s not a bad character yet. World Background: 5/5 Za Warudo is still building. The environment created by the characters and the fantasy genre in general, helps fill the holes. I would definitely recommend reading this novel. Even if this story ends incomplete at chapter 40, I would say that it was better than some isekai anime adaptions. I’m looking at you “Smart Phone” and “Death March”. I’m looking at you.


Dear readers, I thank you for giving my book a time to read. I will only leave this review so that you guys can comment the question you have to my novel and suggestion you have in mind. Have a great day! 😁✌️❤️ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


If the other is a free review, mine is a real one. Well, It is might be early for me to judge the novel as a whole with only a few chapters. Nevertheless, The Isekai trope isn’t your common trope. MC - Is a Normal Senior Highschool boy. Not an Otaku or a NEET or an Old man. The way he was transported is a common way in any Isekai WN, but at least he wasn’t a type of MC who will just accept everything like ”Oh I was transported Into another world hewlp.” He wasn’t like that. Because of his background as a normal person. His reaction is fitted for his characterization. Now for the plot. The story development, Is not fast but isn’t slow either. You can say, It is a normal pace story. The Grammar wasn’t that bad, there is no big grammatical error, I haven’t encountered one yet. Overall, Good read! Go give it a try. -Bone to the world Is here!


After reading this web novel for a week. This is my honest review, for the reason why I gave it 5 star rating, because I can feel the time and effort that the authors gave on this book. from time to time , I could see the few grammatical errors has been fixed. Some of them were typos but nonetheless, the author is fixing it. Plot - Transmigration MC - Regular Senior High school student. Pace - Normal Stability - Everyday Quick Synopsis. A regular High school boy named Kirohoshi, was transported to the World of Sword and Magic. Facing the unfamiliar world without knowing what awaits from the future, Charging bravely as he overcomes the challenges in this new life. Standing upright, overcoming the hurdle from the Another world!


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Its a book for children. Don't read if you expect a grand plot or lots or details. Its very light novelish. Its an op mc in a new world. Standard stuff


Pace - Normal Story - Transmigration to another world. Grammar - It wasn't that bad, the is a few mistake, but can be fixed later on. Word Vocabulary - It can be Improve, through time. Stability - Everyday Overall the story is nice, has a decent pacing. It is slice of life.


I will give you five stars for the author name pandora Hearts is one of my favorites . Especially Oz. I hope this novel is good ,thank you ❤️


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Wow... That was cool!! The synopsis gave a clear idea that it was a system based novel. This was my first time reading a boy actually got transmigrate into another world ( coz till now I read system comics which sent girls to other worlds) so this slight change piqued my interest . The story development was also well in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I could feel the author's unique writing style and I liked it. All in all author did a great job and looking forward to read more.


This is for the review swap, and I will be giving an honest review and not just any random one. I have read four chapters so far, (Greasy Grass) My review: There are a total of nine chapters so far, and as always, I will rate the stability of updates five stars. I don't mind if it has a slow or fast update since it really takes a long time to make a chapter that your readers will love. As for the writing quality, I have not noticed any misspelled vocabulary and typos. The author has a unique writing style. For me, the dialogues are well-thought and genuine. So far, I have no complaints in this category. For the story development, it seems smooth so far. It's not that fast nor not that slow, therefore this category will also be given five stars. Character Development is decent. I like how the author gets to the point and not describe every single thing just to boost word count. A lot of authors do that only to reach the 1500 word count. Aside from this, I have noticed that the description is vivid to the point I can portray what the author wants me to portray in my mind. The descriptions tickle my imagination. Overall: Fives stars are served!!! This is one book with a great potential!


What may seem a good story is utterly lacking in details or depth. This is a novel more suitable for minors as it passes over any sort of descriptions of what's happening and just is. Quite disappointing alongside the 1 dimensional characters make this far from being a five star work. That said, if you like beta power fantasy then this is your novel.


This novel has a good plot and its carefully narrated. Its just that it lacks the charisma of an MC that I am after. But its still good where you can enjoy the development of our Protag.


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the book was good besides the misspells here and there. the author should make more chapters, i got done reading this within three hours. keep up the good work.


Hi author! As promised (in the server if you can remember I Am Cat Shark lol), I'm here to give you a **, but I would also like to leave a review! Your first paragraph got me hooked, I really love descriptive paragraphs in novels since it can make imagine the world of your character! I also like the story and its pacing! Great job!! 🐶


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