1 Prologue

The mist of cold twilight melted as the sun soared up at the eastern side of the sky, with its glorious red-orange hue that cracked over the horizon.

While each and everyone goes up on their bed, a benevolent radiant of amber light slipped through the window, prompting us to the beginning of a new day.

In Hachijo-Dori St. Kyoto resident, there is a man in a deep sleep.

*๐ต๐ธ๐ธ๐‘ƒ * ๐ต๐ธ๐ธ๐‘ƒ * ๐ต๐ธ๐ธ๐‘ƒ* an unceasing chime of the alarm clock awakened Kiro from his deep slumber.

"... Yawn." Kiro releases a morning sigh. He eased his right hand to turn off the noisy clock.

"Huuu... Good Morning."

His name is Hirayama Kiro Hoshi.

The name Kiro means Strong and Dependable while Hoshi signified a Star. He is 18 years of age this year. Kiro is currently staying here in Kyoto district, when he started his senior high school days. He already moved out of his parent's place to live independently.

He enjoyed the life of being Independent. Away from my parent's nagging. He can even come home late at night; playing video games with his old buddies until dawn and going to karaoke with his schoolmates without a worry.

Yep, Kiro was living a blissful life, but every good thing has its own ending.

His current daily routine was to read the textbook for his approaching university exam. Kiro would read the manual. Morning until the evening he dedicated most of his time to his study.

Well, reading the manual wasn't enough. He even attended a cram school just to be prepared for his approaching entrance exam.

Like any other person of his age. Kiro was busy preparing to take his academic exam, unlike before that he still has time to hang out until midnight. For now, he put all of his efforts just to get accepted for a good university like his life was on the line.

Kiro was getting up from his bed, stretching out his limbs for thirty seconds to have proper blood circulation. He couldn't neglect his health even If he were busy preparing for his examination day. It would be a pity If Kiro failed to get into the university just because of a few negligences.

While facing the mirror; Kiro washed his face, then he brushed his teeth, whilst grabbing a slice of bread as he reheated the morning coffee in the microwave he prepared last night.

After eating breakfast, Kiro took a quick shower, dressing himself up as quickly as possible.

Once everything is done grabbing his small shoulder bag as Kiro goes out of his unit.

"... I'm heading out." Kiro mumbles. Even though he lives here alone, the daily habit that he has been doing ever since his childhood wasn't something Kiro could easily cast aside.




"Haaah~ what a hectic day. Who could have thought after coming here inside the classroom that damnable professor of mine would give us a mock exam? Is he trying to strain our tolerances to the limit?" Kiro hit the foot of his table as he exclaimed his frustration.

"Hey, Twinkle Star!"

While he was busy cursing the professor, a woman's voice rang behind his back.

"Urgh," Kiro growled whilst he pretended that he heard nothing.

Ultimately, the woman who was expecting his response ran out of patience as she called him out of irritation. "Hey! I'm calling you."

"What Is it?" Kiro answered in annoyance.

There is only a single person who has the guts to call him `Twinkle Star` and it was no other than Kiro's old classmate since middle school.

Her name is Akira even though her look is above normal, with her mesmerizing almond eyes, silky chestnut hair that touched upon her curved waist.

If It wasn't of her tomboyish behavior, there will be always a long queue of man for her. They were even willing to sell their souls just to have her slivering attention.

"Hehe~ come on, don't be mad," Akira jested. "Are you still not used to being called a twinkle star?" she asked teasingly.

"If you keep calling me like that. I'll ignore you for the rest of the days from the upcoming week." Kiro said while having a headache. He wasn't good at handling Akira.

The reason that horrible pet name was born was because of Akira. If It wasn't for the fact she misheard Kiro's name before, he wouldn't have this lame nickname.

"So what?" Kiro asked In displeasure.

"I was wondering if you have any plans this evening. It's been a while since we had fun. I would like to invite you to a Karaoke." Akira said with expectation, she's feeling down lately because Kiro locked himself all day long inside his apartment.

If It was before Kiro will probably agree without a second thought, but right now he knows his sense of priority.

"Nah, I'll pass this time. You guys should stop playing around, you know? We are already at the stage of our life where we should know our sense of priority." Kiro rebuked her invitation gently.

"Waaah~ how boring you've become Kiirooo! ~ Did the textbook eat your brain or something?" Akira said with irritation. "Well Nevermind, If you don't want to go just say it, you don't need to reprimand me like that."




On the way back home, Kiro saw the sky turned dark. Even though the night is still young, the street passenger was already filling the place with liveliness. Kiro walked down to the Hachijo-Dori St until he reached his 1DK apartment complex.

As he glanced at the building that barely was standing. Kiro couldn't help to look back in time. He remembered the first day he gained his independence when he started living in this place.

The joy of being freed from his parents' grasp was one of Kiro's longing dreams. With passing time, Kiro's feeling from this place grew further. For him, this place was more than just a structure, it became his second home.

"Haah~" Kiro sighs while reminiscing about the past.

Going inside his unit, Kiro threw himself onto the bed out of exhaustion.


Suddenly he felt a vibration inside his pocket. Taking out his smartphone, Kiro saw multiple spam messages from Akira.

ใ€Ž Idiot, Idiot Kiro. I hope you have fun with your book! ใ€

"Hehehe..." Kiro let out a dry laugh, then he threw his phone on the bed out of frustration.

Even though he wanted to join them and have fun, Kiro's mind was occupied with his studies and the pressure for the upcoming university exam. He would be likely lying to himself if he said that he does not want to have fun with his friends and acquaintances.

Kiro is a human too. There was a time when he almost had a mental breakdown from the pressure and promised himself that he would go out and have fun for three days and two nights straight without a rest once he passed his exam.

Suddenly a sound of notification could be heard.

ใ€Ž Ting~! ใ€

"Huh? what is it?" Kiro reached out to his phone, and he saw a doubtful notification.

ใ€Ž Congratulation! You've won the prize of your life! ใ€

Glancing at the silly pop-up notification. Out of curiosity, Kiro tapped the notification ads.

ใ€Ž Ting~! You successfully passed the challenge! ใ€

"Huh? passed what?" Kiro said in bewilderment.

Then a glaring silvery luminescent light flashed to Kiro's entire room as his consciousness escaped from his body.

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