1 Chapter 1.

It is late 2019 around November and Daniel 14 and his family are watching the news and hears that there is a virus on the rampage! The news reassures that the UK is under lowest threat of this virus and China has kept it under control. But little does he know it all goes wrong later on! He thinks nothing of it and continues with his normal life of going to school and doing all the things he loves. Later on in December, it becomes more apparent that this virus is spreading, he listens to the radio and hears that a city in China has gone into Lockdown to try and pause the spread of this virus. But he still continues to go to school and one day in school he is sat in class and his teacher Miss Copper asks the class what has been going on in the news recently? Daniel puts his hand up and says " There has been a new virus detected and China has gone in to lockdown" Miss Cooper says "Yes Daniel! there is" The class continues to talk about this virus and as the days goes on it gets to Christmas Holidays! Daniel loves the Christmas Holiday's because he gets to spend time with his family and friends.

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After 2 and a bit weeks of holidays it gets to the 4th January and he has to go back to school! Daniel is estatic to go back to school because he gets to see his friends..