Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling Book

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Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling


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Hey I'm the sibling of the main character! Please take care of me readers. This is my adventure to go back home and find another chance of not dying to a vehicle. I swear I'll get that motherf*- Author: Language, John. Language John: What do I even need to do? How do I get back exactly? Author: Hmmm... Trade Secret ?. Oh here's your first stop. I truly hope you survive and entertain our readers more. ? Bye ~ P. S. This is a fan-fic about the "Warlock of the Magus World" I wasn't sure in the past if i were only going to include this. I was actually avoiding telling people but my doubts had been clear. Also to satisfy my desire on making other fan-fics, I already made a part 2 of this with a slightly different title with of course a different fan fic but slightly connected to this one. I swear I'm digging my own grave choosing novels and anime like this but... it's a challenge.. And I have no deadline to follow.. Also wouldn't it be great if I could actually finish this ? Yaaay for Potential and Possibilities! -Author MoonCafe (The one who has a life outside WebNovel.. just saying)


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