Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling
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Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling


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What is Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling

Read Life as the MC's Non-existent Sibling novel written by the author MoonCafe on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Hey I'm the sibling of the main character! Please take care of me readers. This is my adventure to go back home and find another chance of not dying to a vehicle. I swear I'll get that motherf*- Author: Language, John. Language John: What do I even need to do? How do I get back exactly? Author: Hmmm... Trade Secret ?. Oh here's your first stop. I truly hope you survive and entertain our readers more. ? Bye ~ P. S. This is a fan-fic about the "Warlock of the Magus World" I wasn't sure in the past if i were only going to include this. I was actually avoiding telling people but my doubts had been clear. Also to satisfy my desire on making other fan-fics, I already made a part 2 of this with a slightly different title with of course a different fan fic but slightly connected to this one. I swear I'm digging my own grave choosing novels and anime like this but... it's a challenge.. And I have no deadline to follow.. Also wouldn't it be great if I could actually finish this ? Yaaay for Potential and Possibilities! -Author MoonCafe (The one who has a life outside WebNovel.. just saying)


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Thank you for the Story. There are not many Fanfics set in the Magus World. I am Looking Forward to more Wondeful Chapters. Keep up the Good work :)


Really good🙂😊😄.


The story is great grammar is great it's a interesting read just fucking angry that the author decided that mc will be gay in chapter 29 bro what??? I've been reading this for soo long why did you not add a tag that this is BL i dont want to read no 2 guys cringey boy love like wtf at least tell us at the beginning im super disappointed that you just told us out of nowhere at the chapter 29 when i was following this story from the beginning and waiting for chapter everyday. Also you are being quite stupid you angry because people are dropping you novel when they find out that the mc is gay i dont know how you feel when you read about 2 guys kiss and do **** but i feel uncomfortable, maybe you don't soo you dont get it but its not a good feeling thats why most people don't read it.


Reveal spoiler


Good story I would like it if this story is not left without updates plese Story is good characters are also good but u should also give some more time to our new mc


Keep up the good work author.


Had a lot of fun reading it so far and I hope the author continues writing it at a fast rate. One complain I would like to make is that the title and summary of the story did not attract me at all. In fact I was about to ignore it but did a quick check of the reviews and read the review of TimeLord001 about it being about Warlord of the Magus World. I love Warlock of the Magus World and there is not enough fanfics for it. Most people give up after writing some chapters. I think the longest one was I think 60 chapters or so. My point being I would change the title and mention the fanfic is about WOTMW somewhere in the summary.


The concept of the story is very refreshing. Hoping for more chapters to come.


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