Life As A God
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Life As A God


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What is Life As A God

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Five worlds. One Almighty to rule them all. The first, a world where the Gods have chosen to forsake all creatures, stripping them of their powers and magic, reducing them to war and chaos. Earth. The second, a world inhabited by mythical creatures with astounding abilities, ruled in a fair and just manner. The Mirror World. The third, a world ruled by the Goddess of Death, hosts all the sinful being from all other worlds, silently and painfully paying for their crimes. The Underworld. The forth, a world full of joy and happiness, where the kind soles wait for their chance to once again walk the Earth. The Spirit World. They fifth, a world which hosts the gods that overlook the worlds, making sure that everything is in order. Heaven. The previous Almighty was overthrown. Now, a new one has to be chosen. Two candidates with no knowledge of magic. Gods scramble to pick sides as the candidates prepare for the inevitable. Who is worthy of the title? Who will win? Who will be the next Almighty? Watch as the story spanning millennia unfolds and lies, conspiracies, and deals made in the dark crawl out of shadows and into the light. Welcome to a universe of wonder and magic with vampires, werewolves, elves, and nymphs. A universe ruled by the Almighty…if they are worthy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some Stone tea (curtesy of Stars) while the story unfolds.


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Sounds intresting and definetly has potential. Its just that the chapters are so short, like the first 10 chaps together could be 1/2 normal chaps for some other novels aswell :/


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